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Why Literature Matters Summary

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Why Literature Matters Summary essay
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Literature matters, because it is a valuable and a major impact in society. This is true because today’s society without literature the people wouldn’t know the proper way to speak and write. We could also learn about real life problems in literature and understand and help our society in many different ways.In Gioia, Dana. Why Literature Matters. 2005. Thinking Big, 10 Apr. 2005, pp. 1–19. Accessed 16 Aug. 2019 uses literature as a key to a “civil society”. He outlines that many Americans aren’t reading enough and aren’t gaining enough knowledge and skills.

Gioia then continues by providing evidence through surveys conducted in the 2000’s. According to Gioia “The declines are most severe among younger adults (ages 18–24). The most worrisome finding within the 2002 study, however, is the declining percentage of Americans, especially young adults, reading literature”.  In other words the decline in reading literature has in effect in individuals in which help develop and relief intellectual and emotional challenges. Literature a pillar of culture and the value of reading is memorable. Another survey conducted in the 2000’s states “A 2003 study of 15- to 26-year-olds civic knowledge by the National Conference of State Legislatures concluded,” “Young people do not understand the ideals of citizenship… and their appreciation and support of American democracy is restricted.”

Meaning that literature isn’t just a habit its a skill that many young Americans lose capability of. Therefore leaving a nation with less informed young Americans. Another reason why literature is significant in today’s society is because it gives us knowledge and provides us information in our society. Dowd, Maureen. Heels Over Hemingway. The New York Times, 3 Oct. 2007. Accessed 15 Aug. 2019. “Heels Over Hemingway”, says” The novel once said to be a mirror of its time. In my local bookstore, it’s more like a makeup mirror” In other words Maureen Dowd used “mirror of its time” it is elaborating on how society is being received, it also is comparing and intellectual place with ordinary makeup utensils.

Another piece of evidence on Maureen Dowd’s examination on why literature matters is because “In the 19th century in America, people often linked the reading of novels with women. Women were creatures of sensibility and men were the creatures of action”. Implying that literature back then was reflective on society. The final reason is that reading is important even if the book has no literary pretensions, if it grabs the attention of a reader it has value. In Orwell, George, and George Packer. All Art Is Propaganda : Critical Essays. Orlando, Harcourt, 2009.“Good Bad Books”, he says “However, all the books I have been speaking of are franky “escape” literature. They form pleasant patches in one’s memory,  quiet corners where the mind can browse at odd moments…” Meaning the books give off a memorable and yet entertaining and pulling affect but don’t have anything it have anything to offer in a real life situation.

Another piece of evidence on why Orwell believes literature matters is because “the supreme example of the “good bad” book is Uncle Tom’s cabin. It is an unintentionally ludicrous book, full of preposterous melodramatic incidents; it is also deeply moving and essentially true;…” In different words a book that’s therefore so absurd and meaningless that its touching and somehow gets meaning. In conclusion, why literature matters is because it makes us better learners, either by giving essential skills and different kinds of perspectives. Literature also makes society more educated and informed in the real world. It is a valuable skill that every person needs gives benefits and success.

Why Literature Matters Summary essay

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