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Theme of Allegiance in Fences by August Wilson

Troy ́s best friend Bono tells Troy that he thinks he should realize just how good and loving a woman Rose is to him. Annoyed by the fact that Bono feels the need to tell him this, Troy asks what drives Bono to say such a thing. Troy eventually admits to having an affair with…




Theme In Literature

Adversity In “Tomorrow when the War Began”

Tomorrow when the War Began, by John Marsden, Is a book of love, war, friendship, and courage. 7 teenagers whose small rural town has been invaded, help one another to overcome difficulties in tough situations. Throughout the book the Arthur has shown the tactics the teenagers use to outsmart their enemy. They are able to…


American Literature,

Theme In Literature

Theme of Truth and Honesty in Literature

I am writing my Mid-Term Essay over the theme truth/honesty. I think “A Doll’s House” has quite a bit to do with the topic truth/honesty. In the story the characters are hiding from each other in a sense and seeking the truth about everyone else. Nora plays a game with her husband and her kids…


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The Symbol of Birds in Literature

Birds in almost every piece of literature have a positive connotation that is associated with them, Birds in literature vary as authors portray the meaning behind birds differently. These different interpretations of birds in literature create different meanings to each kind of specific birds, some having specific correlations that go along their characteristics that are…


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To Kill a Mockingbird

Theme of Death and Dying in Literature

Of all the most recurrently treated topics in literature, death and dying to provide plot device, symbol or theme as one of the necessary components in writing. Current dramatists, poets, authors, and novelists have used this theme to interrelate with origins and development of literature. Humanity’s consciousness of death has for many years offered the…



Theme In Literature

Theme of Childhood in Oliver Twist and Lord of the Flies

Childhood has always been an important theme in literature, especially during the Romantic and the Victorian period. But while in the Romantic Period Blake, Coleridge and Wordsworth emphasised the innate goodness in a child’s nature, in the Victorian Period important literary figures, like Charles Dickens, focused on childhood innocence within the adulthood experience in itself….


Lord of the Flies,

Theme In Literature

Theme of Alienation in Literature

This essay will explain how “alienation” presents itself, in each of the three reading texts by: “Hands” by Sherwood Anderson, “A Rose For Emily” by William Faulkner, and “Outcast” by Claude McKay. Alienation is defined as the state of being an outsider or feeling of being isolated from society. This condition may be caused for…

A Rose for Emily,


Theme In Literature

Theme of Money in Emma

Furthermore, both Emma and Harriet appear to be in mutual understanding of the power imbalance in their friendship which Mr Knightley describes as a ‘delightful inferiority’. Neither character, however, accurately acknowledges the intellectual disparities between them, with the third person narrative voice informing the reader that Emma ‘was not struck by anything remarkably clever in…

Jane Austen,

Theme In Literature

Carl Sandburg’s Poetry Themes

Carl Sandburg was an American author, poet, biographer, journalist, and a platform artist (Sandburg 48). He was well known for the images he presented throughout his work. His images captured the spirit and soul of nature and the people. It also contained many dark and heavy subjects as well. He displayed the darker side of…


Theme In Literature

 Theme of Reconciliation in “Dilemma of a Ghost” by Ama Ata Aidoo

“Dilemma of a Ghost” by Ama Ata Aidoo is a very significant and powerful play. This play is about a young couple who gets married without the knowledge of their family. The wife, Eulalie, is an American woman and her new husband, Ato, is an African from Ghana. The couple decides to move to Africa,…


Theme In Literature

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