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Vietnam War: Tim O’Brien

Prior to the Vietnam War, the American people were mostly in favor of war. However, the Vietnam War was the first war to be televised, live, to the American people so they could see the horrific actions occurring during the war. This new-found information swiftly changed the American perception of those not involved with the…

Vietnam War,


Jonathan Swift – Literature Review

Introduction Jonathan Swift was born in Dublin, Ireland, on November 30, 1667. He graduated from Trinity College in the year of 1688. In the same year, he became an English politician and member of the Whig party. At one time he begun to write satires on the political and religious corruption happening around him. He…

A Modest Proposal,



Veteran Author Tim O’Brien

Tim O’Brien, a well-known Vietnam War veteran author, utilizes a remarkable and abnormal technique of writing throughout his career as he in a sort belittles the United States in some ways, but mostly about going to the Vietnam War and how the United States are doing unwarranted things. O’Brien grew up during the time of…


Vietnam War,


American Literature in Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Introduction Literature is pieces of writing that are valued as works of art, especially novels, plays, drama, epic, poem, biography and autobiography. It is the product of imagination, originality, style of expression, thought, emotion and feelings idea etc. Literature is an oral or written work which consists of particular use of langue, and it gives…

American Literature,


Why Literature Matters

Literature matters, because it is a valuable and a major impact in society. This is true because today’s society without literature the people wouldn’t know the proper way to speak and write. We could also learn about real life problems in literature and understand and help our society in many different ways.In Gioia, Dana. Why…



The Mimetic Nature of Human Being

Unconscious mimicry is transparent in human nature. In early 1897, poet and playwright Oscar Wilde expressed his views on human mimicry in a letter addressed to Alfred Douglas: “Most people are other people. Their thoughts are someone else’s opinions, their lives a mimicry, their passions a quotation.” In Wilde’s statement, he was trying to convey…

Human Nature,


Markus Zusak and His The Book Thief

Markus Zusak was born on June 23, 1975 in Sydney Australia. He came from humble beginnings as the son of a house painter and a maid. He is the youngest of four children and neither of his parents could read or write any English when they first arrived to Australia. Because Zusak’s parents were illiterate,…

The Book Thief,


How Traumatic Experiences Affected on Edgar Allan Poe’s Works

As a young poet, Edgar Allan Poe went through a myriad of difficulties throughout his life that stemmed from his mental deficiencies and spurned on his poetic nature. He had gone through various mental health issues, an indigent family life, and was surrounded by death which had a lasting impression on his overall psyche. Poe…

Edgar Allan Poe,


Tragic Life of Edgar Allan Poe

The life story of Edgar (Allan) Poe was tragic it began in Boston Missursion in January 12, 1809 19th century. Poe was born during emperor Napoleon Bonaparte is waging war across Europe. Unlike most children Poe never had a stable home, the family was poor and dirty. By 1811, his father abandoned his mother Elizabeth…

Edgar Allan Poe,


Understanding Humanity by Turgenev and Karl Marx

The article “how and how not to love mankind”, written by Theodore Dalrymple, is about the humanity and welfare of humankind. The author talks about the two famous writers of the nineteenth century Ivan Turgenev and Karl Marx. Both being born and died at the same time, and living the lives paralleled to each other,…


Karl Marx,


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