Advantages of E-learning

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In modern learning systems, the e-learning is defined as the learning instructions and provided through use of digital devices, which include but not limited to computing devices. The computing devices here includes the use smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, laptop computers, PDAs and other forms of digital tabloid devices. In its very basic form, the e-learning devices have specific aspects. They can store and retrieve lessons, carries content that is imperative to learning, they the use of multimedia (which is basically pictures, videos, texts, graphics and audio) to convey content.

The digital content in e-learning, usually employs the use of instructional methods, in which an instructor may lead the lessons and students respond through feedback mechanisms that are automated into the system. The feedback mechanism can also be done through discussions boards as well as assignment completion. E- learning therefore helps the individuals in capacity building and improvement in knowledge acquisition and skills betterment.

According to Clark and Mayer, the Multimedia principles play a very crucial role in the e-learning systems. In essence, the e-learning is fundamentally and embodiment of multimedia. By definition multimedia is the use of texts, audio and graphics to convey information. When employed in learning environment, it helps convey information in a more convenient and easy to comprehend ways.

Based on the cognitive ability of the humans, a learning process that engages the student is commonly taken into long-term memory, and thereby rendering instructional led multimedia studies as the best option in terms of understanding. In addition, it is also worth understanding that the collaborative discussions in online virtual-classrooms do provide a very elemental understanding capacities. The human psychology requires that a repeated concept is well understood better overtime. This concept is best deployed in multimedia content through an integrated redundancy learning process while using texts, audio and visual contents.

The instructional science integration in e-learning has been improved and enhanced through the online interaction mechanisms. The evidence-based guideline is one of the best preferred method of deploying the instructional methods on digital learning contents. As explained by Clark and Mayer, the use of effective instructions may be exhibited in multimedia through experimental learning.

In traditional learning, the learner is usually depended on the direct instructions from the tutor. However, displaying the amicable evidence may be very difficult. This concept is usually seen in the classroom learning technique. With e-learning, the instructions as well as the evidence based content is displayed to the leaner, to support the learning process. While this is very engaging, an improved graphical representation on e-learning media, is made into a very interactive system.


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