Steps to Make Good Invention

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Have you ever wondered what life would be like without computers, cars, winter gear, or exercise equipment? These inventions didn’t grow on trees, they entered our lives through great thinkers, hard work, and great inventions.

If you are trying to make a new invention, there are a few steps you must take to be successful. What would life be without technology? Everybody that worked hard to create technology were some of the greatest inventors in our world. When you are trying to invent something, you have to have a new idea that has not been discovered yet by other inventors. In Source #1 Gorge Nissen noticed that trapeze artists were just falling into nets in their acts, so he wanted to create something that could improve the nets. He thought and he thought about what he could invent. He had the idea of making trampolines. In Source #2 it says that Chester Greenwood wanted to improve the earmuff because he was alergic to wool and when he was ice skating, his ears got cold.

The next step is to design your invention. Often there are many solutions to solving a problem and the creativity sparks when you are inspired to make something better. In Source #1 it says that George Nissen thought of building the trampoline with stretched canvas sheets inside a metal frame. Then George inproved his invention to using nylon sheets which made it easier to bounce. He got this idea for his gymnastics coach in college. In Source #2 Chester Greenwood took an existing product, an earmuff, and made it better through the design process. Chester’s earmuffs may not have been perfect, but his vision and design were popular because they were an improvement over what previously existed.

The third step is to protect your hard work through a patent. A patent takes a unique invention and protects others from copying your work. In Source #3 there are over seven million patented inventions in the United States alone. Before starting an invention it’s important to research your idea to see if something similar already exists. When you finalize your design, remember to take the time to protect your hard work through a patent. A patent will stop others from taking your idea.

The fourth step is to put it on the market for others to buy. In Source #1 it says that George’s trampoline was a hit. Trapeze artist all over the world bought the trampoline and he had finally got the trampoline in the Olympics. In Source #2, it says that Chester developed a company to sell his earmuffs and give others jobs. Also Chester’s design was so popular that he invented many other things. He was a great inventor.

In the end, there are important steps one must take to make their product a success. First, a person must have a great idea. Next, a person needs to be creative enough to design their idea to apply for a patent. Lastly, once a patent is given, a person must see their invention through by producing the product so people can enjoy the invention. Our world is filled with inventions created by people who knew there was a need for it. If you can think it, with a little work, you can make it a reality.


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