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The Industrial Revolution in America

The Industrial Revolution was a time where America changed from a rural into a more urban modern society. Mark describes the Gilded Age as a period where the economy and technology transformed into a modern industrial society and the Industrial Revolution does just that. When this revolution started, there was a growth in trade, factories,…

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Industrial Revolution

Negative Effects of Industrial Revolution

As societies began to shift from agricultural to industrialized ways of life, the shift prompted the need for many new and innovative ideas. With the Industrial Revolution on the rise in the United Kingdom, mass production as well as mass consumption of goods was in high demand. This meant more employment and population growth and…


Industrial Revolution

Social Changes during Industrial Revolution

Early European industries were typically small in relative scale and rudimentary in operations, as a result, small-scale production was the standard of most industries. The industrial revolution in Europe spread over the continent very gradually. Extremely high growth in the population was a major catalyst – in turn, this produced a massive number of workers….

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The Role of Inventions in The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution is one of the greatest topics of the modernization of Europe back in the 18th century. Great Britain was one of the countries that took this idea in hopes to change its economic status and transform itself into a new urban area. Their were many things that got implemented to help this…

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The Age of Reason and the Industrial Revolution

The history of humanity can be thought of as a great evolutionary continuum of the mind. Over different periods of time people have gravitated toward different beliefs, held onto them, then often let them go as new ideas or ideologies took their place. In this way people have learned from, and built on, the knowledge…


Industrial Revolution

The Impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Introduction Technology forms an integral part of our daily lives. Since the beginning of time the world has seen constant technological advancement driven by the need to make complex and time-consuming tasks easier. In recent years more emphasis has been placed on integrating technological systems in order to improve task-efficiency and reduce dependency on humans….

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Issue of Global Warming 

In recent years, Global Warming and Climate change frequently appear in our lives. There are many different reasons caused the global warming include natural causes and human influence. But human do not care the earth, so human cause global warming is more than natural causes global warming. Global warming refers only to the Earth’s rising…

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Industrial Revolution

Good and Bad Effects of Industrialization

Initially, Industrialization was thought of in an attempt to bring the nonindustrial sectors of an economy closer to the manufacturing sector of the economy. (“What Is Industrialization? Definition and Meaning.” However, the effects were more diverse than imagined, Industrialization can be regarded as a very wide topic, simply due to the fact that Industrialization…

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