Invention of Hydroelectric Power by Lester Allan Pelton

Updated May 23, 2021

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Invention of Hydroelectric Power by Lester Allan Pelton essay

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Lester Allan Pelton was a great inventor. He was well known for his creation of hydroelectric power. This was his main contribution to modern day technology. A perfect example of hydroelectric power is a dam, as water goes through the electric turbines in a dam they spin to create hydroelectric power. Hydroelectric power is very green and environmental friendly which is why so many people like it. This type of power will hopefully be the main type of power we use in the near future.

The reason I chose Lester Allan Pelton is because I have known about him for a while and have always been interested in what he had done but never got the chance to really look into it. He seemed to always knew what he was doing unlike other electronic pioneers which interested me because he’s unique. I also liked the idea that he invented one of the most environmentally friendly type of power. I have also wanted to learn more about his invention the pelton wheel and I saw these as a great opportunity to do so.

Lester Allan Pelton lived a simple life but had some small obstacles to overcome. Obviously no one thought he could invent hydroelectric power so he had lots of people doubting him and telling him he couldn’t do it of course he overcame that and eventually made it a reality. That was the main obstacle he had to overcome the others were mainly flaws in his design for the pelton wheel which he had to work around or completely redesign something. So he didn’t really have many obstacles to overcome.

Pelton invented 2 things that are used in modern day society hydroelectric power and the pelton wheel. Hydroelectric power is heavily used in modern day society and is common in every day when you see a dam or a turbine that is Peltons invention hard at work. If the world only ran on fossil fuel, oil and coal the world would be much more polluted than it already is. Today his legacy of finding greener cleaner power is carried on by many such as Elon Musk and even executives at apple, samsung, and microsoft. I think we will be seeing a world running on green and eco friendly power very soon.

Lester Allan Pelton had a very large impact on modern day society considering he did invent hydroelectric power. Think about how often do you see the dam in Boise with the water going down it what your seeing is peltons invention hard at work water is passing through those turbines making power to power the dam. If hydroelectric power did not exist than we wouldn’t have anything to power dams and rivers would overflow than there would be floods. So as you can see Lester Allan Pelton’s invention does have a fairly significant impact on our daily lives.

Invention of Hydroelectric Power by Lester Allan Pelton essay

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