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Stress Management Exercise

Stress Score My score was 240, which indicates a moderate life crisis. According to the book, I have a 50% chance of illness. This is not surprising to me as I have recently taken out a new auto loan, stopped smoking, and returned to school after a long hiatus, which has affected my sleeping and…


Stress Management

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Body Systems and Exercise

The nervous system is comprised of all the nerve cells in the body. It is through the nervous system that we speak with the outside world and, in the meantime, numerous instruments inside our body are controlled. General exercise is a standout amongst other things you can improve the situation the wellbeing. It has numerous…


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Human Body

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If You Can’t Cure It, a Nurse Can 

Nursing is a way of life. It’s a profession that has evolved incredibly in the past century. There are numerous reasons for wanting to become a nurse. Nurses make a difference in the lives of their patients, with diverse and interesting work, to even good pay in some areas. Firstly, the starting salary of a…


Nursing Profession,

Why Become A Nurse

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Implementing Exercise Into A Busy Schedule

It can be hard to try and implement exercise with life already being busy. We all usually have a family. Whether you are a sibling, cousin, parent of children or are the actual child with no children yourself. For me, I have a significant other as well as 3 children, ages 16, 13, and 9….




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Service Learning: Sitters for Patients

The usage of sitters for patients that are of altered mental status or at high fall risks has been used in almost every hospital for a long time now. Having these sitters helps prevent falls and helps redirect the patients who are confused or altered which helps with patient safety and treatment plan outcomes. Most…

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Service Learning

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The Effects of Male Late-Onset Puberty in Adolescence

Late-onset puberty can have anywhere from negligible to deep reaching physical, social, and psychological effects on the growth and development of male adolescents that follow them as they mature into adulthood. This paper will discuss some of the causes and effects of delayed puberty, as well as some known biological and psychological risks associated with…


Child Psychology,

Reproductive System

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Effective Communication Skills in Nursing Practice

In this Essay, I will illustrate my experience as a pediatric hematology-oncology nurse as for how Effective communication skills in nursing practice will affect patient care and among Health care members. I am working in an organization which is 1589 bedded tertiary care and Referral hospital based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia certified Joint Commission International…

Communication Skills,

Effective Communication,


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