Violence – Global and Controversial Phenomenon

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Violence – Global and Controversial Phenomenon essay
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Violence is a global and controversial phenomenon and is bursting in our society. It can happen to anyone regardless of social classes, genders, racial lines and ages and normally takes place right behind the closed doors of our homes. Behind every closed doors of homes all across the world, people are being tortured, beaten to a pulp and killed and it can be hard to ask for help. It is happening anywhere, be it in rural areas, towns, cities, and metropolitans as well.

The term used to describe this sickening problem of violence which happens within our homes is domestic violence. It is also known as domestic abuse or family violence. It can be a male’s or female’s act of brutality towards another male’s or a female’s innocence. However, factors contributing to domestic violence include the desire of feeling in control, substance abuse, and family history.

Above all, domestic abuse generally begins with the desire of feeling in control and domination of the relationship or feeling in power over the victim. The abuser, to eventually gain control over the victim, often focuses on pressuring them verbally, nonverbally and physically. The victim may engage with emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as forcefully yelling, insulting, blaming, and criticizing. The perpetrator may as well isolate the victim from the communities to escalate to other harmful behaviour. Thus, these abusers share one common motive which is to have a greater amount of ownership over the victims because they feel powerless.

Furthermore, substance abuse and domestic violence usually go hand in hand. Excessive consumption of alcohol and other drugs has been seen to trigger the aggressive and violent acts. This is because many people find it is hard to defeat their anger and keep it under control which lead to bottle up their anger and take this stress and guilt out on the other partner. It will be impossible for them to control his or her violent impulses toward their partner. This comes to show, that people who experience anger issue are more likely to be violent when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Violence – Global and Controversial Phenomenon essay

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