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Summer Vacation in Paris Summary

Pages 5 (1 116 words)

Summer Vacation


The imagery of all the spectacular scenery, savory smells, and surrounding sounds of Paris have been fresh in my mind for the past few days. I am unable to focus on anything else! Picture the thrill and excitement rushing through our veins as we zoom past the busy streets of Paris on the city bikes,…

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Twelve Angry Men Film Analysis

Pages 7 (1 608 words)

12 Angry Men

Film Analysis

Movie Review

Memory is the means by which we draw on our past experiences in order to use this information in the present’ (Sternberg, 1999). Memorization and understanding can be quite complex and misunderstanding, even when it’s your own brain you are dealing with. Your memory has a huge capacity limit. It can be quickly altered by…

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Ballet, Jazz Dance, and Folk Dance

Pages 4 (790 words)



First, there was Early Ballet or Court Ballet, which were performed by nobility members like Louis XIV. In the 18th century, Jean Georges Noverre developed a concept that brought the importance of a plot in ballet, and the use of emotion. During the 19th century, Romantic Ballet was developed, ‘Romanticism was characterized by a passionate…

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Pop Culture in Contemporary Non-Violence Movements

Pages 4 (913 words)

Pop Culture

Social Movements

Media has become strong platform for society to express their ideas. Some are manifested into films, fashion, music, literature, social medias, as well as general visual and audio aesthetics or artworks, leading to the emergence of pop culture among media consumers. Having the power to influence through ideas, this essay would like to discuss the…

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John Travolta environmental lawyer movie

Pages 6 (1 397 words)

Favourite Actor

On watching the movie A Civil Action based on a fact drama stared by John Travolta who acts as a lawyer to personal injury and fights for the residents of Woburn, Massachusetts against an industrial pollution court case in the 1980s. it is based on how waste is dumped against the law and how the…

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Truth in The Matrix, Oedipus Rex, and The Allegory of the Cave

Pages 6 (1 282 words)

Allegory of The Cave

Oedipus Rex

The Matrix

“Ignorance is bliss”: a statement so tantalizing that one can stay out of the world’s troubles and live in a utopia of happiness and ignorance. Thus being completely content with oneself. What really is truth? Is it how our perception of reality is the one that is handed to us. Is it no further seeking…

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Internet Addiction and Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders

Pages 5 (1 109 words)


Social Media Addiction

Technology Addiction

When choosing a topic for my selective component, I wanted to choose a topic that both interested me on my clinical rotations and was clinically relevant in today’s society. On my psychiatric rotation, the only interaction with the pediatric psychiatric unit was just observation while passing by but I couldn’t help but wonder, what was…

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Computing Innovation: Twitter

Pages 2 (459 words)

Cyber Security

Social Media


Twitter is a website that allows users to share what they are doing at any given time. Twitter allows users to “tweet” or post messages with up to 280 characters to communicate with others. Twitter can also be used to share information. For example, when Barack Obama was re-elected as President, there were 327,000 tweets…

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Song Analysis: “Symptom of Terminal Illness” by The Dillinger Escape Plan 

Pages 5 (1 054 words)



In the song, “Symptom of Terminal Illness” by The Dillinger Escape Plan, the former lead singer Greg Puciato, talks about how the song is based on panic attacks. The song is from their album, Dissociation which was released in 2016. The album was their 6th and final album made from the band. The Dillinger Escape…

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Ella Fitzgerald as One of the Greatest Singer

Pages 5 (1 114 words)



My Favorite Singer

Ella Fitzgerald was born in April 17, 1917 in Newport News, VA. However, growing up in the great depression she moved to Yonkers, N.Y. when she was four. This move was prompted by the abandonment of her birth father and the remarriage of her mother to another man. Her mother died in 1932 when Ella…

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The word culture is derived in Latin origin in the mid 1500c, meaning to cultivate the soil as in agriculture. Over 600 years it has moved from agriculture to people. The Origins of Culture begins with the sum of attitudes, customs, and beliefs that distinguishes one group of people from another.

Culture is transmitted through language, material objects, rituals, institutions, and art, from one generation to the next. (Houghton Mifflin Company, 2003) When you think of the word Culture you may imply a lot of different things. Many would say culture is involving people, beliefs, or even cultural traits. Some would say culture touches a more intellectual feeling, one only someone of the “culture” could endure. There are so many different things to know when it comes to culture, beginning with their way of life. In discrete cultures, you could experience many things that have never occurred in other countries.

The world culture didn’t surface until the mid-15 centuries. mid-15c., ‘the tilling of land,’ from Middle French culture and directly from Latin cultura ‘a cultivating, agriculture,’ figuratively ‘care, culture, an honoring,’ from past participle stem of colere ‘to tend, guard; to till, cultivate’. The figurative sense of ‘cultivation through education’ is first attested c. 1500. Meaning ‘the intellectual side of civilization’ is from 1805; that of ‘collective customs and achievements of a people’ is from 1867. (2001-2018 Douglas Harper) Culture can specify symbols, languages, norms, etc. People look at symbols and realize that regardless if you recognize them or not, they all have a specific meaning. For example, looking at a cross people would voice that is a symbol of Christianity. This represents someone’s beliefs in their religion, in many countries controlled by place of residency. Their leaders communicate to them about their beliefs known as ministers, or in other cultures known as a priest/pastor.

When speaking on culture the art of foreign language is atop much of the argument. Language is a major element that defines culture. Depending on the culture, people can communicate with each other using words, signs, sounds, and/or symbols. The most common languages that people use to communicate with each other is English, Spanish, French, etc. Often you will hear people speak and not understand even in your language due to an accent. Understanding how people communicate is an exceeding gesture because not everyone can communicate by speaking. Communicating through eye contact or even sign language is a developing gesture. At a very young age, I was taught that eye contact is the only way to have a conversation with another being. That’s part of the American “culture” they would say. Many countries outside of the U.S consider it disrespectful for a citizen to even consider eye contact with authority. That would be against the norms. Norms are expectations of behavior.

Food is one of the many reasons people love to travel and try the different things that cultures have to offer. The best thing about food is that you get a variety of different types of food and flavors. Different cultures have different ways of serving. In some cultures, they give out their takeout food wrapped up in newspaper, and, they serve the food ONLY with their right hand. It might be kind of exciting to see the choice of foods made in front of you in other cultures at this day and age of life. Many countries eat insects and animals, while much of our food is processed. The majority of people eat animal/meat in some way, BUT, in some cultures, you can see an animal’s tail, head, eyeballs, feet, and sometimes the entire body. Some may say that that is disgusting but some may love it.

Music is another big key factor in defining culture. Everyone listens to different genres of music every day. A lot of cultures have music that they dance, meditate, and even sing to. With all the different genres that we hear every day it’s pretty cool to hear the different sounds each can contain. Music is something that brings people together, especially in a lot of different cultures. You have people that get a certain feeling while listening to music, and of course the dancers.

A tradition for a family is the culture in itself. I know I have quite a few traditions in my family. Traditions are usually passed down from one generation to another, continuing the morals of the ancestors set here before you. Some families do things that are unique to them such as having family come over for the holidays, celebrating Christmas, or thanksgiving. Usually, that’s something that my family likes to do because it’s been a traditional thing since long before I was born. In different countries, during the holidays they have a huge festival not with just their families but the whole country is involved. Even getting married is a traditional thing. If you’ve never heard of the term “jumping the broom”, it’s a tradition for African American newly wedded couples as basically stepping into a new world together. You also have the bride who traditionally is supposed to wear a white dress, but when you see brides from different countries they don’t always wear white dresses because in their culture/country it’s not a part of their tradition to do so. Traditions are important to the culture and lives of each heritage, and they need to continue to be passed along to upcoming generations.

The word itself… “Culture”… It carries so much symbolism that not even this entire essay could grasp the entire origin of the word. Life has its lessons, it has its normality’s, its traditions, and each and every step-up circle back to the same word. Culture. It withholds such a broad narrative to itself and is quite a lot to feed off of. It is religion, it is music, it is food, most of all, it is the people.

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