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Bee Movie – Capitalist Society

The Bee Movie is satirizing our present society. It represents our society which is capitalist where individuals are educated in order to be made into workers and that workers are overworked and tend to be stuck at the same job for their whole lives. Barry, who just graduated is forced into a job and lives…


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The Outsiders Movie Critique

Ponyboy Curtis, a fourteen-year-old narrator, and orphan lives with his older brothers Sodapop and Darry, after their parents, passed away in a tragic automobile accident. Since their passing, Sodapop and Ponyboy are allowed to stay under Darry’s guardianship as long as they behave themselves. They are all members of a lower-class group called Greasers, meaning…

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The Outsiders

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Mamma Mia – Musical Movie

There are reasons why a particular movie is watched over and over again. The reasons could either be because the movie has an impact every time it is being watched or the movie reminds one of unforgettable events. Mamma Mia is a movie associated with the “ABBA” musical group. It is a 1975 ABBÅ song….

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HIV/AIDS Epidemic in the Movie “Dallas Buyers Club”

The movie “Dallas Buyers Club” focuses on Ron Woodroof. A Dallas man who is newly diagnosed with HIV and is told he has just 30 days to live. Woodward is diagnosed in 1985, in the midst of the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Little was known about the disease and there were limited treatment options available. Woodroof takes…




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How Does the Movie “Black Pantera” Make Me Feel?

This movie is significantly different from any other Marvel sequel that had been released before. Even before it been released, the hype and cultural footprint is already enormous. Mainly represent the black people, this movie shows that what it means to be black in both America and Africa and more broadly, in the world. Rather…

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Science Fiction Movie “District 9” by Neil Blomkamp

The main characters of District 9 are Wikus Van De Merwe, Christopher Johnson, Little Christopher Johnson, Tania Van De Merwe, Piet Smit, Koobus and Obesandjo. Wikus Van De Merwe is the main character of District 9. Wikus was one of the head operatives for the “relocation project” of aliens. This project was made to move…


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Science Fiction

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Parasite by Bong Joon Ho and its Mysterious Plot

A comedy-thriller that attracted the viewers with its mysterious plot, Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite is now rising to its peak. The movie starts off with a family of four, the Kims, trying to survive in their basement-level apartment and then suddenly having the opportunity to work for a rich family that would be the answer…

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Social Class

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Science Fiction Film “The Martian” by Ridley Scott

The Martian is 2015 science fiction film directed by Ridley Scott and initially released on September 24,2015 at London. This is the novel based movie written by Andry Weir. The film depicts an astronaut’s lone struggle to survive on Mars after being left behind, and efforts to rescue him. It starts the Matt Damon, Jassica…

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Historical Movie Review: Churchill’s Darkest Decision

Abstract In the summer of 1940 Germany started invading the Western European countries like Belgium , The Netherlands , Luxembourg etc . Germany seemed unstoppable as they overran the French and now they were a bug threat to British , only the English Channel stood between the Nazis and the British. Then British prime minister…



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Boys Don’t Cry – American Biographical Movie

Introduction to the movie is starting from the next life itself. Boys Don’t Cry is a 1999 American biographical movie directed via Kimberly Peirce and co-written via Peirce and Andy Bienen. The movie is a dramatization of the real-life story of Brandon Teena, an American trans man played in the film with the aid of…

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