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Reflection Dance Technique 

In dance this year we have used our time in studio practice to develop skills and improve our technique. I joined the course with little dance training therefore one of my greatest weaknesses was muscle memory. Not feeling confident or understanding a step hinders musicality, enthusiasm and performance level. We did an exercise in which…


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Filipino Folk Dance – Tinikling

A significant factor in a human’s life is dancing. Dance is a form of art and entertainment that combines different sounds; creating an interesting rhythm that attracts the attention of individuals. There are different types of dance. The Philippines being colonized on various occasions throughout the span of multiple years led to the creation of…



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Contemporary Dance Style

According to Britannica, dancing is a performance art with body movement vocabulary in a rhythmic technique to music and a given space for a purpose of expressing an idea or emotion, releasing energy or simply delighting in the movement itself. The central concepts of the art of dance—a powerful impulse and a skillfully choreographed art—are…



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Types of Traditional Dance in Ghana

First and foremost, Akin Euba said neo–Traditional dances are termed as dances that are performed outside the context of social ceremonies (Green, 2015). According to Kariamu Welsh and Elisabeth Hanley also said that, neo traditional dances are dances created in the likeness of traditional dances and are not bound to all aesthetic and cultural rules…




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Modern Dance History

Modern dance is a form of dance which focuses on the serious expression of the inner emotions, using natural movements , personal style, rather than following strict rules of classical ballet. Breaking from the idea of storytelling that dominated 19th century. In modern dance, the dancer is often barefoot or wearing soft shoes. He or…



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Wheeldon’s Ballet: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

This essay will be exploring how women and their traditional stereotypes are presented in Wheeldon’s ballet, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, in comparison to their male counterparts. This ballet follows the story of Lewis Carroll’s book of the same title and was first performed by The Royal Ballet on the 28th February 2011 with music by…



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What is Dance Science?

Dance Science is an area of research and study that is aimed to investigate the structured data and observational aspects of dance training and performance whilst combining a range of scientific disciplines into a working practice for dancers, choreographers and dance teachers. Trinity Laban Conservatoire of music and dance is the internationally known leader of…



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Dance Class Reflection Essay

Introduction As a representative of the first generation of the Nigerian-Canadian diaspora, I had a specific experience regarding dance art. In particular, this experience was expressed in the perception of dances as a set of energetic and dynamic movements of the human body that can convey the history and culture of a particular nationality. However,…

Class Reflection,


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Aerial Silk Dance

Aerial dance is a newer dance form with a differentiating past than its current representation. The term aerial describes something happening in the air. In terms of dance, it is just that. A form of modern dance that happens suspended off of the ground. There are many more specific types of aerial dance such a…



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Where does merengue originate from?

The Merengue Dance is the national dance of the Dominica republic but also extends to Haiti. There are a few hypotheses that clarify the origin of merengue, yet none of them have yet been affirmed. Some say that this style advanced comparably with African, European, and Central American components and highlights. It was created as…


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