Updated November 27, 2020

Community in High School

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Community in High School essay
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What is community? In the dictionary, it defines it as “a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common.” Community is truly a sense of belonging, finding a group of people where you can fit in. It could be anything like a church or your neighborhood and even a school band. In my case, my family tried to go to church, but after a while, it would become more of a hassle getting up and dressed in the morning and attending it felt more like an unwanted job. My neighborhood was out of the question to feel like a community because we lived in a poorer area at the time and there would always be random fights in the streets growing up. So, I wouldn’t be outside much. I found my community in High School.

I went to Godfrey Lee High School, It’s located in Wyoming Michigan. There a lot of Hispanics in that area. High School would be my escape from my family. The place where I would go to; to avoid dealing with them. Not having to deal with none of their nonsense and whatever drama would be going on at the time. In school, I learn about different religions, and what would be happening in the real world around me. I learned about nature, styles, and slangs in languages. I was introduced to different types of food. I’d pick up of different manners and habits from people.

In my High School, I worked and did a lot of volunteering for the school community. I worked as a Track helper. Which was the person that would set out some of the tools for the runners also for the judges. I would make sure there wasn’t anything in the field. This job taught me a different sense of responsibility at a young age. I learn how to communicate with people. I also did this thing called Rebel Heart, our school mascot was a Rebel. That’s how our group got its name. We picked a house of an old veteran that lived near our school and we helped to repaint his home and do some gardening that he wasn’t capable to do. After that, I choose to do my senior community hours in a food pantry near the school. I loved the feeling of being helping and useful for a different cause.

Community in High School essay

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