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Community Oriented Policing

There is an increase in police questioning or involvement when it comes to immigration and legal status that Latinos are dealing with (Theodore & Habans, 2016). These problems have caused many of the Latino members of different communities to feel lonely and quarantined. Theodore and Habans (2016) also reveal that Latinos have confessed that they…

Community Policing

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The Concept of Peace Ducation Through Community Policing

According to Fountain, (2009), p℮ac℮ ℮ducation is d℮fin℮d as th℮ d℮v℮lopm℮nt of th℮ capaciti℮s for th℮ attainm℮nt and maint℮nanc℮ of p℮ac℮ through r℮fl℮cting on th℮ maϳor driv℮rs of conflict and trying to find m℮ans of attaining p℮ac℮. It is argu℮d by Alimba, (2013) that p℮ac℮ ℮ducation aims at ℮stablishing an und℮rstanding of attaining a p℮ac℮ful…

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Communication Key to Success of Community Policing Programs

Maybe today like never before, it is essential that police and law enforcement experts have the relational abilities important to adequately speak with fellow officers, subordinates, higher ups, community members, different offices and purviews, and the court frameworks. Police communication skills expected to research violations; de-heighten circumstances; construct trust with groups; and compose notices, reports…



Community Policing

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Crime and Disorder Prevention Police

To prevent crime and disorder…. I myself have never relied (or felt that was an option honestly) on police for setting examples or being anything other than following crime. I know in my city, the local police go to schools and community events to promote community policing, but it has just felt like a few…


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Social Psychology

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Police Ethics Values

Police ethics refers to a system of moral values that are generally accepted as professional standards in policing. In policing, ethics include values such as dedication, honesty, loyalty and courage. As a police officer, one is held to a higher standard than the public is. A police officer takes an oath to protect and serve…

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