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Chinese-Canadian Вiaspora

Introduction Emigrating from one country to another is still one of the most frequently discussed topics, if we are talking about the disquisition of everyday life related matters. In this paper, I would like to refer to the history of Chinese people who immigrated to Canada, and have a deeper insight into the Chinese-Canadian diaspora’s…



Chinese Cuisine

Chinese cuisine is a traditional Chinese restaurant where people can enjoy several of delicious Chinese food and drink Chinese tea. The Chinese restaurant is an industry where serves Chinese cuisine outside China. Chinese cuisine is very ancient and dates back to 40,000 years and it shows their culture and tradition. The practice of attracting clients…


Chinese Food,


Duterte on Deporting Chinese Workers

President Rodrigo Duterte is against deporting Chinese workers here in our country. It is because he said that if the Chinese workers work here in our country we Filipinos can easily work in China as well, our President didn’t consider that many of our fellow countrymen will suffer in his decision to make Chinese works…




Why Chinese Mothers are Superior

Children all over the world have all tried different methods of parenting. Some parents go all out in order to make a successful child, and some are more casual about it. In the article “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior” by Amy Chua, we hear about her experiences with the Chinese way of raising your children,…



Chinese Historiography

The historiography of Chinese movement toward the western United States began in the mid-nineteenth century. Students of history, laymen, political researchers, business analysts, government officials, and sociologists have offered causal and important elucidations of the mass displacement from China to the United States in the mid-to late-nineteenth century. Numerous early authentic records were intensely partial…



Chinese Immigration to the United States

Chinese immigrants in California during the mid to late 1800s were at a significant socio-economic disadvantage due to societal and systemic discrimination, which created a large setback to their lives as citizens of the United States. Chinese migration to the United States was a consequence of European and American government in Asia from one viewpoint,…



Chinese Civil War

The chinese civil war was a long dragged out war that lasted many years. The chinese civil war was a fight over military control of china. The fight was between the chinese nationalists, chinese communists, and the government. The Soviets were involved for their own gain. Russia was a big help with the chinese communists….


Civil War,

Revolutionary War

Chinese Cyber Espionage

From the many threats to the U.S. intelligence community, I have chosen to analyze and discuss the massive issue of cyber espionage, specifically honing in on Chinese attackers, specifically military and private sector cyber spies who are conducting several cyber-attacks against the U.S.’s federal and military branches by hacking into databases that contain classified information…


Cyber Security

Ancient Chinese Inventions

There were a lot of Ancient Chinese inventions that are still used today. Them being created influenced many things that are produced today. If it wasn’t for them being created so many things wouldn’t be here today. I am going to tell you about three important inventions and how they influenced life today. Gunpowder was…




Chinese Immigration and the Chinese Exclusion Acts

Throughout the mid-to-late 1800’s, Chinese workers initially migrated to America for work in the gold mines, but eventually expanded to working agricultural jobs, factory jobs (especially in the garment industry), along with building railroads in the American west. Just like the millions of of the European workers who immigrated to America, these Chinese immigrants sought…



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