Chinese Civil War

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The chinese civil war was a long dragged out war that lasted many years. The chinese civil war was a fight over military control of china. The fight was between the chinese nationalists, chinese communists, and the government. The Soviets were involved for their own gain. Russia was a big help with the chinese communists. The us despised communism But helped the kmt and ccp fight japan. The chinese war was a long war but it got worse as time went on but good thing for the us and russia for helping the kmt and ccp so many events and so much fighting.

The kmt started in 1912 and started off as a revolutionary league trying to overthrow the Chinese monarchy and was controlled by Sun Yat-sen, song jiaoren, the kmt became a political party. The kmt took part in the first chinese parliament. After sun yat sen died Chiang Kai-shek took over (Britannica)

The ccp first started as a political party. The group was founded in 1921 but was in the works for a while. The group didn’t get much attention at first but slowly and surely they grew more familiar. The ideas of this group came from Marxism. Starting of the ccp was tiny but it grew much over time. When starting off it was small and was thought to be pointless so the members were told to join the nationalists. They couldn’t grow without the approval of russia (alphahistory)

Mao zedong was a chinese communist leader. He was leader of the ccp he also was the head of the people’s republic of china. Btu he wasn’t really the head until a little after. He wasn’t able to make choices on his own. The ccp joined an alliance with the nationalists. He became lead of the propaganda for the nationalists. Mao always had a care for peasants because he grew up poor and didn’t have much. Mao believed that the peasants would take over but it didn’t happen. Peasants were killed mass amounts. Mao later surrounded the countryside and soon defeated Chiang Kai-shek and gained control of the country. Mao was head of the People’s Republic of China. When the communist took over china mao traveled to Moscow, where he persuaded Stalin to sign a mutual assistance agreement which was for economic aid. The chinese were then brought into the korean war. With this stalin believed that mao wasn’t a nationalist which built a trust. Then the soviet wrote a plan. To be placed in 1953 to help and give technical assistance. The problem is mao did things that caused to a fall of the soviet alliance (britannica).

The chinese civil war was long but it really all started on april 12, 1927 the shanghai communist massacre. Communists were abused killed and arrested. They were trying to get rid of communism. The events in april ended soviet help of nationalists (alphahistory). Then japan invaded manchuria in 1931 for there resources. Japan stayed there and had control of northern china. This turned into the second sino japanese war. With the second sino japanese war the nationalists and the communists joined together to defeat japan.

Stalin had influenced the ccp to work with the kmt. Stalin viewed japan as a threat so they began supplying china with war materials. britain france and the us also helped with supplying china. Even germany did until hitler made a bond with japan. Japan captured china’s ports they also killed 300,000 civilians and raped 80,000 women. About 10 to 20 million chinese people died. The war ended in a stalemate. The japanese couldn’t win and the chinese couldn’t kick the japanese out. The western powers were giving china oil. later events lead to japan and pearl harbor. This then led to the us entering wwII.

The chinese civil war has been a war that lasted many years. It was a war between the kmt and ccp. After the second sino japanese war china was split up into three. Chinese nationalists known as the kmt and the communists known as the ccp and the japanese. China was in a lot of damage because of WWII due to the fact that japan had occupied some of china. Even though WWII ended the war in china did not. This left the communists and nationalists the time to fight over resources in northern china and manchuria.

Before the continuation of the civil war Chiang Kai-shek sent invites to Mao Zedong to try to rebuild china. On october 10th, 1945 the kmt and ccp came to a conclusion to work together. Before they ended up working together the communists and government started fighting thus ending the agreement between each other. They went back to fighting and because of that harry truman decided to send george marshall. George marshall was able to get the communists and the government to negotiate out some deals. Before the negotiation was set fighting broke out in manchuria. With the removal of the Soviet troops it caused a fiasco.

Nationalist troops occupied Mukden while the Communists kept there hold in northern Manchuria. After the government took control of Changchun a 15-day truce was set in Manchuria. Fighting got worse elsewhere. It was government against Communist. northern Kiangsu, northeastern Hopeh , and southeastern Shantung. They tried to make another truce but it wasn’t going to happen. No one wanted to let go of their gains. In 1946 Nationalists sieged Kalgan, a Communist base, negotiator Zhou Enlai reacted by taking himself out from peace talks.

Zhou returned to the capital. They then tried to work together again and make negotiations and thought that this could be a fresh start but it didn’t go as planned. The government was commanding the communists to leave government territory. Chiang Kai-shek attacked the Communists. China had demands and were also able to get the government to lay off control on Changchun and Mukden,and the rail line that goes from Mukden into China proper. The us decided to take out there forces from china. The nationalists started falling becoming smaller ad smaller.

The communists sowly pushed out the nationalists out of manchuria and north china. The communisrs took back what they owned and more. The nationalists were getting destroyed there was like nothing left of them. The nationalists wanted to make a settlement with the communists and look to the us the united kingdom, france, and the soviet union to work somethijgn out with the communists. Mao zedoing made a peace condition with all these rules and Gen. Li Tsung-jen

The us tried to be the middleman but gave up because they didn’t want to be apart of the problem. They didn’t want to deal with the hassle of China and the constant arguing. Truman extremely hated communism. Even though he hated communism he still helped the communists and nationalists to help defeat Japan. But Japan did not surrender until 1945

The chinese civil war was a war that was frivolous. It was a war that lasted so long for no serious reason. The chinese civil war was unnecessary. The communists and the nationalists could’ve worked out what they both had wanted instead of fighting over military gains. They could’ve have worked together instead of causing a fight and havoc. They could have stopped making agreements and breaking them. They made agreements with each other and never actually put them in place because something broke them up everytime. Whether it was them fighting or people didn’t want to give up their rights and belongings.


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Who was China's civil war between?
China's civil war was fought between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Nationalist Party of China (KMT) from 1927 to 1949. The CPC emerged victorious and established the People's Republic of China, while the KMT retreated to Taiwan.
Who won the civil war Chinese?
The civil war in China was won by the Communist Party.
Why did China start a civil war?
The Chinese Civil War was fought between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the Nationalist Party of China (KMT) for the control of China. CPC eventually won the war and established the People's Republic of China.
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