Ancient Chinese Inventions

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There were a lot of Ancient Chinese inventions that are still used today. Them being created influenced many things that are produced today. If it wasn’t for them being created so many things wouldn’t be here today. I am going to tell you about three important inventions and how they influenced life today.

Gunpowder was a very important invention. It was also known as black powder. It was created by the Chinese in an attempt to create a potion of immortality.It was made from combining sulfur,charcoal, and saltpeter. The song army used guns against the invading Mongol army but were overpowered by the sheer numbers of the Mongols. It made it so many other things could be done. Guns, Fireworks, and rockets were all products of gunpowder. They launched rockets from bamboo tubes and used them as explosives. Gunpowder is still used a lot today. People still make guns and fireworks and rockets they are just more advanced. Fireworks are always used on July 4 in America

Paper was one of the most important inventions.It made it so books could be made and so they could keep records. The spread of books greatly increased the spread of literacy. When books could be made faster , they became cheaper and even the average person could afford them. This led to increased knowledge for human civilization in general and, therefore, more technology and inventions The craft of paper relied upon a lot of bamboo fiber to make good quality paper They used water powered paper mills to make it. It also made it so records could be kept.They used molds with a bamboo mesh and settled the fibers on the screen.

It would then be pressed to remove excess water, then left out to dry. Chinese legend says paper was first brought to the Emperor in the year 105 AD but evidence shows it in use over two hundred years before that. The Chinese were significantly more advanced than the rest of the world. If it wasn’t for paper we wouldn’t have a lot of the things we have.It influenced daily life because at school you have to do worksheets,At home you have to do your taxes, and at work you have to fill out reports.

The compass was also a very important invention. It made it so people could navigate the seas more easily. It was made by heating pieces of iron ore called magnetite to red hot temperatures and cooled in a north/south position. The magnet was then placed on a piece of reed and then floated in a bowl filled with water. The magnet helped explorers discover the western hemisphere of the world during the middle ages. It influenced modern day life because planes, ships, and some cars have compasses. Some people even carry pocket compasses if they are survival heads.

These were important things the Chinese invented. A lot of things the Chinese invented are still in use today, but I chose these things because they are some of the most important. There are plenty more important things they invented, but these are what I thought were the most important out of what we learned.


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What are 10 ancient Chinese inventions?
Some of the ancient Chinese inventions include paper, printing, gunpowder, the compass, silk, porcelain, the wheelbarrow, the abacus, the seismograph, and acupuncture. These inventions have had a significant impact on the world and have contributed to the advancement of science, technology, and culture.
What did China invented?
The compass and gunpowder are two things that China is credited with inventing.
What was invented by the ancient Chinese?
The wheelbarrow and the abacus were both invented by the ancient Chinese.
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