Issue in Chemistry Education

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By 2040, rural areas all over the world will be well developed. This also included the school or also the education institutions in that area. This means that even the students learn in the school located in a rural area, they will get good facilities and learning tools the same as the other students in the city. As a teacher teaching Chemistry in a rural school, there are a lot of issues and challenges faced in teaching Chemistry. The issues are the increase of fake information and misconceptions, the decrease in students’ interests in learning Chemistry, environmental problems, and outdated teaching methods.Firstly, the obvious issue in teaching Chemistry is the increase of misconceptions and fake information. This is due to the evolution of technology happen in rural areas. Students tend to search for any information or news easily on the internet.

The number of unreliable sources on the internet platform is uncontrollable and people will tend to misinterpret information or unluckily read the wrong information. This is one of the biggest problems for the teacher as it is their job to correct the students’ misconceptions. For instance, the misconceptions about the shape of the atoms which misinterpreted as small spherical particles which are all the same and their number distinguish the different elements and the misconception about the characteristics of the ionic compound which misinterpreted as toms held together with one atom giving an electron to another. Thus, it is proven that these misconceptions had been rising even had been corrected multiple times as all the information spread around the internet platform are uncontrollable forever.Not only that, but another challenge in teaching Chemistry is also the decrease in the students’ interest in learning Chemistry. This is because they tend to become bored to listen to their teacher teaching in front of the classroom as they can learn all of that from their mobile phone. This will make them lose focus and will not do any exercise given by the teachers.

For example, the students will search for what they want to know, not what they need to know. To prevent this, the teacher had to increase the students’ interest by conducting a more fun engagement in a class by using the technology. It is concluded that the students’ interests in learning Chemistry will keep decreasing when the class is too passives and they tend to rely on the internet more than rely on the teacher.Next, the issue is the environmental problems that can happen anytime even in the past, present, or in the future. This problem is something that we cannot prevent and can affect education. When there are environmental problems arise that we need to cancel all the school sessions, the teacher needs to conduct their teaching via an online platform. But, there are also a few problems the teacher will face. For example, networking problems, limited hands-on activities, and students’ responsibility and discipline. Thus, it is proven that the teacher needs to be ready in whatever problems the education system may face even due to the environmental problems.Lastly, the issue is an outdated teaching method.

In 2040, students are more imaginative and advanced than before. Traditional and passives teaching method which require the teacher to teach in front of the classroom and deliver everything will not help the students. It was stated in the Cognitive Load Theory by John Sweller that when our working memory is overloaded many things will be lost and only a few things will be transferred to the long-term memory. It is concluded that teachers should use a more effective method along with the development to assist the students in learning Chemistry.In conclusion, it is proven that many issues and challenges in teaching Chemistry in 2040. The issues are the increase of fake information and misconceptions, the decrease in students’ interests in learning Chemistry, environmental problems, and outdated teaching methods. To prevent these issues to become more worse, the lesson should be more fun, actives, and updated. The teacher should provide the appropriate learning materials from the internet for the students to revise. This is to prevent them to learn from unreliable sources and to prevent misconceptions.

Not only that, but Chemistry teacher should also do action research to improve themselves and find solutions to problems faced by the students. Lastly, the teacher should always be prepared for any circumstances that may happen in the future so that all problems faced can be solved quickly.

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