Relationship Between Chemistry and Pharmacology

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Chemistry is related to everything around us, and interferes with all fields in this life, because chemistry is the science which study properties and composition of materials and their transformations and the energy that result from these transformations and reactions. One of the most field related to chemistry is field of pharmaceutical. And Muslims sciences are the first who started a school of pharmacy in the history, and the first to start present chemical combinations related to the drug, and also they were the first who begin the distillation process in the history and apply chemistry to pharmacology.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the science of chemistry succeed and began its applications in the different way of treatment and medicine until it reached what we are currently in this field of achievements that are difficult to quantify and define. Computational chemistry involved with the design of new chemical compounds as drugs. These days most of the drugs used to treat or to cure a disease are made of many chemicals elements, and sometimes multiple medications are given to a sick person as part of the treatment, and knowledge of the chemist’s pharmacist helps to know or predict whether this type of medicine can lead to any drug interactions.

So, Chemistry can reduce the toxic effect of the drug, The chemists began extracting the active chemicals in herbs and plants, and this developed into extracting some of them from animal organs or secretions, and then to the materials produced by microorganisms. Perhaps the most important achievement of antibiotics, the first of which was penicillin.

Medicine depend on understanding science of chemistry because chemistry has a large role in drugs and medicine manufacture, and when making drug or medicine the producer has to has sufficient knowledge of the chemistry and how manufacture and development of the medicines, and chemistry has a major role in many of the stages the medicine goes through during manufacturing, also chemistry must know all important principles related to pharmaceutical industry and he must know the quality assurance of some of the product that will be interduce in the drug manufacture and finally must know that all material is free of bacterial contamination.

The role of chemists in making drugs and pharmaceutical field can be summarized in the following areas:

  1. Extraction and preparation of active substances from their natural or abnormal sources, such as plants or animals.
  2. purification of active substances or raw materials again, so that they are suitable for pharmaceutical or medical application until their specifications correspond with the requirements.
  3. Purification of active substances and identification of their structural and molecular formulas. using traditional chemical methods for purification and traditional methods of analysis, then using modern methods.
  4. Studying the stability of the substance in the different forms and identify the results of its transformation.
  5. Studying the possibility of partial or complete synthesis of the substance in the laboratory, in order to ensure a stable supply of pure, impurity-free material.

Chemistry has a very big role in our life, I mentioned chemistry involved in many multiple and different industry and fields also chemistry helps us to understand many things around us, through chemistry we solved multiple problems and diseases especially in medicine and pragmatical industry in our life in general.


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