Exploring Chemistry and Life

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Chemistry helps us to explain and describe our world in a more complex manner. The importance of chemistry in our lives and why is it so important to study it, is that chemistry is every activity we do in our daily routines, from as little as breathing to doing heavy duties. Although there is a list of things that plays a part in chemistry, here I will discuss only a few. The substances I will explore are compounds and chemical formulas, chemical reactions and atoms and elements.A compound is composed of different atoms that are chemically united (bonded) (Tro, 2014: 58).

Chemical formulas indicate the elements present in the compound and the relative number of atoms of each (Tro, 2014: 129). It is easy to spot chemical formulas, you can spot by symbols of the atoms and the number of elements in a form of subscripts. There are two types of compounds, it is the molecular compound and the ionic compound (Tro, 2014: 134).There are five types of chemical formulas, which is the molecular formula, empirical formula, structural formula, ball-and-stick models and the space-filling models (Tro, 2014: 132). The reason why compounds and chemical formulas play a part in our daily routines is that compounds and chemical formulas are found in our water, food or even cleaning appliances.

Chemical reactions, a process in which one or more substances, the reactants, are converted to one or more different substances, the products (Treichel & Kotz, 2020).Many scientists in the past came up with new chemical reactions everyday in order to improve our lives for the better. Now scientists are experimenting new chemical reactions to come up with a vaccine to help with the pandemic that has strike the world and threatening to wipe out humans. There are three types of chemical reactions, firstly is the acid-base reactions, then the oxidation-reduction reaction and lastly the chain reaction (Treichel & Kotz, 2020).Atoms are the smallest units of a chemical element that can exist (Knight, 2018). Elements are pure substances that can not broken down into simpler and smaller substances (Knight, 2018). Everything we are and everything we see around us is made up of atoms. Atoms are building blocks of every living and non-living organism, and their natural habitat. In his book Knight (2018) claims that even chemical elements are composed of different sorts of indivisible atoms. The periodic table tabulates all known elements in of increasing atomic number (Tro, 2014: 114).

In order to predict the elements properties, we use the periodic table to assist us in organising them.There are many substances and particles in chemistry that play a huge role on our lives and daily routines. All these substances and particles are connected in some certain way. As atoms are the smallest units, they make up elements and compounds, then elements make up chemical formulas and they are also present in compounds. Chemical reactions are still explored in the chemistry world, to find new medications, foods and other essential things we need.

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