Biography of Harry Jerome, the Significant Canadian

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Harry or “Henry” , Winston Jerome was a Canadian track and field runner, one of Canada’s best athletes, Mr. Canada, and the world’s fastest man despite an injury he had experienced during his career. He was born in Prince Albert Saskatchewan on September 30th 1940, and retired in Vancouver. He died in North Vancouver at the age of 42 of a brain aneurysm. He won a bronze medal at the 1964 Olympics, and gold at 1996 Commonwealth games. In 1970, he was made an officer of the Order of Canada. In 2001 he was Inducted in Canada’s hall of fame.

Harry Jerome competed at the University of Oregonat the University level for Bill Bowerman. He competed for Canada in the 1968 Summer Olympics, and won a 100m bronze in 1964. Jerome won the gold prize in the 1966 Brithish commonwealth games, an in 1967 Pan American games. He set a total of seven world records during his career. Later he set the record for the 100 dash at 9.2, which made him one of the few athletic people to own both the 6yard and 12 meter record at the same time. He was part of the University of Oregon 4× 100m team, which was the one that tied the world record of 40.0 seconds in 1962.He suffered from an injury in the perth common wealth game in 1962 and he believed that he was never going to set foot in the track and run like he used to. Jerome earned a master’s degree in Physical ED. at the University of Oregon, after retiring from athletics in 1969.

Harry Jerome inspired young children to strive for their dreams in athletics, if they have one. He also encouraged young people to become physically active in sports. He received an order of Canada in 1971 and was named the British Colombia Athlete of the century. He died suddenly and at a very young age in 1972 from brain aneurysm. He was one of the founders of the Premier’s Sports Awards Program and was also a sports coach at the University of Oregon.

Harry Jerome was the grandson of John howard who was a railway porter. Jerome was also a railway porter. He also went six seconds in the 1963 world record which was 60 yards indoor.


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Where was Harry Jerome born?
Harry Jerome was born in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Canada on September 30, 1940.
Why is Harry Jerome famous?
Harry Jerome is famous because he was an African Canadian track and field athlete.
Why is Harry Jerome important to Canadian history?
He was an African Canadian track and field star who overcame poverty and racism to become one of the world's greatest athletes. He was also an outspoken advocate for social justice and equality.
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