Epidemic of Poverty in America

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This nation has been talking about poverty and how to solve it for a long time now. We choose to not acknowledge it because it simply does not apply to us. The fact of the matter is that it’s still happening. Lowering poverty can benefit all of us but it takes courage to be kind and awareness.

Ehrenreich’s evaluation on the invisibility of the poor in the eyes of their economic superiors in America seems to be spot on. Ehrenreich’s statement that the status of the poor is often hidden from everybody else in society is something many do not recognize because of society muting poverty in the media. Rarely do we hear about the problems of the lower class; living situation, workplace, and struggles. We need to notice that there are people out there who struggle, and who deserve to have attention paid to their struggles.On the cover of magazines, we only see the affluent people in our society such as our celebrities from Hollywood, wealthy judges, lawyers and politicians.

The rich are easy to discern, often driving expensive cars, appearing on television, and staying aloof from the ‘common people.’ Yet the poor person is easy to distinguish from the average looking American. Thanks to discount stores, such as Walmart, the poor can easily hide themselves in good looking clothing. When seen on the street, the poor look like any normal person. When the wealthy Americans see the poor, they often overlook them, thinking that the person is not different from any of the other Americans.However, Even if a wealthy person was shopping in Wal-Mart the fact remains that he would not care enough to pay any attention to a stranger, regardless of if he was poor.

You also never really hear or read about the poor because only the rich can write about them,Only the rich can direct shows.The poor can see the affluent easily enough — on television. When you see commercials of family you never see a single mom, an old apartment with holes, you don’t see cars that are older that 2017. It must be sad distinguishing yourself as a young kid by watching tv pointing out what you don’t have, being told that having a house with a two car garage and that happy family is how people live but you. I don’t blame the rich that’s all they know, since birth everything handed to them. Some see poverty as choice.

America is the biggest liar you’ll ever know, with America’s pride you’ll never get to discuss about the poor unless you one of them. Our pride is too big to diagnose our problem of poverty. The epidemic of poverty is spreading in America, and it’s taking its toll on American families. We can’t fix this problem until we recognize it and stop hating it.

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