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The Migration Factors Patterns

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Every day, people are constantly moving around the world to survive. Migration is the movement of the individuals via out of the country or into the country. Four major reasons that influence this are demographic, economic, environmental, and political factors; determined by push or pull factors. Push factors compel people to leave in to find…

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The Role of Migration in Social, Economic and Demographic Development

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Migration According to Rutman (1970), migration is a movement of population driven by population problems especially in the economic, social, and cultural fields in a particular region. The purpose of this migration is to achieve a better standard of living than before. There are two types of migration, first national migration and international migration. National…

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Migration Push and Pull Factors

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One in every 30 people, are living outside their country of birth in 2017 because of migration. With so many people who migrate, it is important to know why this comes to be. Why do people migrate? Migration is dependent on various push and pull factors to decide why to leave home, and where to…

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Causes and Consequences of Migration in Oman

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Introduction Migration is defined as the movement of a person or people from one: country, locality etc. to settle in another area. The number of migrants globally has increase d rapidly. In 2017, there was an estimated 258 million international migrants, which represents around 3.4% of the world’s population. (Migration worldwide, 2018). The number of…

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Is the Role of UN Sufficient to Handle Transnational Migration Crisis in the World?

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Introduction The issue of transnational migration was particularly acute after the tragedy in 2015, when estimated 800 migrants drowned in a single day. That massive migration was provoked by a range of factors: the Syrian civil war, the disintegration of Iraq, and instabilities in the Horn of Africa and its Great Lakes region. It turned…

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Migration and Education

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One of the most important events of Under the labor Government 1997-2010 was relative changes in immigration policy which easily accesses. undoubtedly migration became a phenomenon not strange in the UK. That led impacts of migration to several aspects including education. In conjunction with the country vote to leave the EU; there has been growing…

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Internal Labour Migration in South Asia

Pages 23 (5 641 words)


Abstract South Asia is a region characterized as much by cross-border migrations as by cross-border tensions. The region has been a witness to a series of migrations- both economic and non-economic, of different peoples. Today migration issues revolve around the persecution of Rohingyas from Myanmar and the illegal immigration of Bangladeshis to India, with several…

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Migration in the United States

Pages 9 (2 047 words)


Individuals move to the Assembled States since they need to experience the ‘American Dream’ as it is depicted on TV. Individuals will hazard their lives to come to America where they don’t know whether they’ll land a position or a house or be abused on the grounds that they are non natives. They are gambling…

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How Labor Migration Influenced African Family Lives

Pages 4 (807 words)


The main aim of the above dialog is to look at how Labor Migration influenced African family lives and their relationships. It’s to also to examine factors that caused migration in the view of South African history, it appears that economic action particularly as far as the developing mining, industrial sectors and market agriculture prompted…

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A Primary Source Analysis of The Power of Words: Documents in American History

Pages 3 (587 words)





This Primary source analysis I decided to write about was on Memorial of the Chinese Six Companies to U.S. Grant, President of the United States which was written in 1876 and reprinted in (The Power of Words: Documents in American History, vol. II: 35-37, 1996). The document was a petition addressed to United States President…

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