Diversity: Why Is It Important?

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Diversity is very important amongst the branches of the military. Diversity strengthens our military and makes it more efficient. Diversifying our ranks is a tactical move by our armed forces. The military raises their quality of work, experience, and knowledge by having a diverse class of members. The readiness of our military has grown by incorporating all languages, cultures, ages, and genders. Diversity in our ranks generates a richer life experience and allows us to see a different perspective.

Researchers at Cal-Tech and the University of Michigan concluded that groups which include members of varying ethnic or cultural backgrounds bring forward a mixture of distinct cognitive approaches, which deliver better results. Varying backgrounds amongst groups generate more ideas. A higher volume of ideas increases the likelihood of effective problem solving within the military. It has been scientifically proven that cognitively diverse groups are better when it comes to solving complex problems compared to more homogeneous groups. Diversity is a tactical necessity in the armed forces of America.

The Marine Corps Lioness program was a very tactical and successful move made by the military. To preserve cultural ideals that prohibit men from touching Iraqi women, leaders made the decision that females would play an essential role in a combat zone. Female marines conducted searches and collected intelligence from local women in Iraq and Afghanistan while attached to infantry units. Females were in the past unable to join troops in combat areas. Now females in the Army are able to be military occupational specialty qualified for combat jobs and join special operations units.

Diversity will encourage military individuals to “up their game.” The variety of different thinking drives individuals to think harder and be able to produce that idea superiors are looking for. Younger individuals have a higher physical ability which causes older members to work harder. Older individuals have more knowledge and experience which causes younger members to broaden their thoughts and think harder. Older members pass on their knowledge to younger members. Younger members adapt to drastic changes in technology faster than older members. These members assist older individuals needing assistance with technology.

This increases teamwork and cohesion within units. Diversifying one’s knowledge of different languages is a very important characteristic of our military. Having a person who speaks different languages can potentially help expedite the accomplishment of missions in areas where English isn’t the primary language spoken. Many operations take place on the South American continent. The majority of those countries speak Spanish as their primary language. Having a Spanish speaking member facilitates the interaction between local citizens and military service members.

The same holds true for every other country the military operates in. It is an even greater advantage if the member is familiar with local culture. Operations run smoothly with fewer obstacles getting in the way of a successful operation. Cultural diversity changes the way our members process thoughts. Hearing about someone else’s experience can shed light on a life that is different from your own and provides a new perspective. When someone compares their struggles, priorities, and values, they can seriously begin to grasp where someone else is coming from and comprehend their actions and behaviors. Perhaps interacting with someone new will change the mindset of a military member’s priorities, or at least allow them to appreciate someone else’s motivation or hardships.

This allows members to overall be better people which strengthen our military. By diversifying our military, we are taking the first step to not just tolerance, but to true acceptance. By raising the contact, exposure, and communication amongst a variety of people with unique ideas, service members will notice that they, in fact, have more in common than they originally thought. Or they may remain remarkably different, which is perfectly fine too.

The increase in familiarity with these differences will facilitate acceptance, change perspectives, and reduce the misconceptions and prejudices that provoke discrimination. The military is at all times ready for any given task or operation across the world. Our diversity allows us to be able to be deployed at any time we are needed.

We have members of different races, ages, and gender who are experienced and full of knowledge which allow us to work in any environment. Together, our differences create a beautiful, strong, and reliable world community. Even in a world of intolerance, discrimination, and violence, we must be able to spread the word of how important diversity is. We must respond to the negativity and violence across the globe with the celebration of differences which makes us the strongest military across the world.

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