Creating a World of Kindness

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‘If we can feed 160 million people, we can also feed additional 500,000 to 700,000 people in times of distress. If necessary, we will eat one meal a day and share the other with the distressed people. After all we are all human beings and we stand for mankind.’

—Sheikh Hasina

This is how our prime minister expands her hand to the Rohingya refugees who have fled from Myanmar for ethnic repression. In fact, Bangladesh is not a rich country, and we can’t afford the cost of the refugees alone. But we have the heart. We offer them our land, we share our food. We as a nation will continue to provide for them, the best standards of living. I think, it shines as the best example of kindness, one which every nation in the world can gather some inspiration from.

At present our world is vastly facing refugee crisis. Refugees are fleeing their country because of war, ethnic conflict and domestic violence. They are not different to us; they are just helpless for certain reasons and for certain periods. If we stand for these helpless people, feed them, share our homes, share our clothes, as well as share their sufferings with us, how beautiful our world would be! What is kindness to me? Help the helpless.

Bangladesh is a small country, but it is severely affected by floods, droughts, cyclones, and many other environmental hazards. We are much worried about our country’s existence in the future. Scientists predict that by 2050 the southern part of our country will remain under water because of global warming. Where will we go then? We don’t have a definite answer. Like Bangladesh, many countries in our world will be submerged and vanished very soon. If this really happens in this world, how awful the situation would be!

There are seven billion people living in our world. If everyone takes a single step planting a tree every day, the environment of our planet is bound to change. All the bad predictions will come to an end. We can save our planet, our environment and ourselves. What is kindness to me? Plant more trees and save us.

I have seen the kindness of Daud Nabi before the starting of mass-shooting at Christchurch Mosque in New Zealand. The attacker had a rifle pointed at him with a clear intention to kill him. But how did he respond? With anger? With aggression? No, he welcomed the shooter with the most gentle and sincere greeting —’Hello Brother’.

Daud Nabi has given the biggest lesson for us. He has displayed how people of other religion should be treated. Like Daud Nabi, if we become kind and tolerant towards the people from different color, race, religion, nationality, etc., wouldn’t our world be filled out with happiness? What is kindness to me? Show tolerance to people who are different from us.

When I watch the sufferings of Yemeni people on television, I can’t keep my tears stopped. Everyday their children are dying of starvation. I feel sad, I feel angry. How unkind our world is! Isn’t it our responsibility to protect them providing enough foods?

At present eight percent of world population are living under extreme poverty line. And millions die of hunger every year. We don’t want to lose anyone any more. We need a collective response to eradicate their misery. If all the nations come together to help those hungry people providing enough foods, we can remove their sufferings and bring smiles on their faces. What is kindness to me? Ensure food security of the poor and hungry people.

The power of kindness is unimaginable. It brings positive and qualitative changes in ourselves, and makes the world a better place. Because if we be compassionate to the weak, poor, and helpless, it not only changes us, but also it changes the world. It’s we who hold the ability to make this happen with our great quality —Kindness. Let’s sing the ‘song of kindness’ of a famous Bengali singer—Bhupen Hazarika,

‘Man is for man

Life is for life

Can’t man get a bit sympathy?’

And start our initiatives creating a world of kindness.

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