About Social Injustice In The World, Prejudices and Problems

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It’s no surprise michael jackson died as a legend and will forever remain in the hearts of his fans.The king of pop as some would say, most of michaels music was pop mixed with R&B in some cases. The media as well as the world were blindsided from Michael Jackson’s transition from his albums “Off The Wall” and “Thriller” which mainly addressed as said before his R&B and pop genre. After these albums were generated we were introduced with “History”, this album contained anger, emotion and vindictiveness. This album was created to show us how his fear had became aggression. This leads me to the song “They don’t care about us”. At this point he was talking about social injustices going in the world, prejudice, and issues that were occurring worldwide. Unlike his previous albums where in his old songs he addressed about partying, dancing, and being groovy. They Don’t Care About Us addressed the truth to the listener and makes them aware that are bigger problems out there such as racism and poverty despite what the media is showing.

This song speaks out about all the people who suffer discrimination, including Michael himself, and how unnecessary it all is. The overall sound we retrieve from the song is aggression, michael sounds aggressive and upset while vocalizing his songs lyrics. In this particular part of the song Im able to feel the sense thats hes fed up just from the tone of his voice.”I am the victim of police brutality, now I’m tired of being’ the victim of hate You’re rapin’ me of my pride oh, for God’s sake” I feel like Jackson can be initiating that since he, himself is a black man in America which seems to be the people who suffer the most from police brutality that he feels like the victim. I connect to this on a more personal level, because being a black woman in america is almost just as hard as being a black man. Were prone to police brutality as well as we are we are prone to getting treated unequally and unfair. In today’s society, i feel like we don’t have anyone who’s willing to impact and educate the world on the injustices minorities face which leads me here In michaels song he says “if Martin Luther was living He wouldn’t let this be”.

You can hear the emotion in michael’s voice in the line from this song. Michael refers to Martin Luther King, Jr. who was a key figure in campaigning against racism in America throughout his lifetime and the leader in the African-American Civil Rights Movement. Martin Luther King’s goal was to destroy racial barriers and bring society together. I feel like Michael mentioned this in his song because he knows MLK would be ashamed to see what’s going on in the world today. MLk would be ashamed to know that the world is very much still segregated and that black people still face a lot inequality and injustices that he worked very hard to fight for. “They don’t really care about us” is the chorus in the song that is continuously repeated.I feel like this statement is targeted towards the police, the government and the media as being the ones who don’t care about us. “Us” being the world, minorities or anyone who is undervalued in this society.

It can mean various things to various different people. Mainly to me authorities allowing abuse and people of high power using it to an inappropriate disadvantage. A Lot of things that Michael addresses in his is a lot of things going on globally and personally. Black people the injustices we have to face daily for the police, to the justice system to our own people shooting and killing each other dead, they don’t really care about us. The poverty other countries are living in, they don’t really care about us. The harsh reality immigrants have to face just to get a better life show they don’t really care about us. This line from the song “I can’t believe this is the land from which I came You know I do really hate to say it The government don’t want to see” caught my eye the most out of everything .America is supposedly the land of liberty and the free but that is not the case. The government is corrupt and ruled by power. There’s absolutely no way America can achieve being the land of the free and the land of the people when it’s so much injustices going on, allying with racism and discrimination everywhere as mentioned before.

How can america be the land of the free when people with higher power literally have everyone leashed to them like a dog on a chain? I connect with Michael jackson so much on this song because i’m no longer scared. Scared of someone of a high power, any fear that i had is now aggression. Emotions doesn’t get you anywhere. I am upset that my people and other minorities are getting treated unfairly and being devalued by people who are suppose to serve and protect us because of the color of our skin. I am upset about the extreme poverty that other countries are facing. I am upset that the government abuses their power and doesnt use it for the right necessities. They don’t really care about us addressed all of the things i mentioned in a way where people should be able to see our corrupt world more clearly. Michael showed us that is no time to be sad but time to stand up and let the world know They don’t really care about us. Everyday someone is confronted with a new struggle or a face of discrimination. With no support or upbringing from society or people with power its up to us to come to realization and pull through on our own.


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