Youth Students for Youthful Life

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“A Different Dimension In Order To Connect With the Reality”

Education, Employment, Civic Engagement and Migration are major issues concerning youth in Asian countries. If young minds develop & train themselves to face as well as withstand these four drastically evolving challenges, they can live a meaningful life. They will climb into the higher social and economic status.

Governments, NGO’s and research based Organizations are looking into various factors which affect these four growth indicating factors of the current generation. While summarizing these development strategies, the young people must be also aware of the poisonous process which they are about to participate. Comparing to previous generation the social system and social structure are evolving too fast where there is less time for adaptation. This makes youth often remain in a vulnerable situation and lack the requisite knowledge and skills to adapt to the changing economic and social environment.

In another dimension, a particular group who keeps experiencing long-term unemployment leads to a wide range of social ills to which young people are susceptible such as delinquency and substance abuse, and often feeds political unrest and violence. In addition, exacerbating the situation are very limited knowledge and poor access to health services related to the prevention of HIV infection, drug use and other health risks, particularly among those who are out-of-school in rural areas. (http://www.youthpolicy.org/library/documents/understanding-youth-issues-in-selected-countries-in-the-asian-and-pacific-region/)

Similar perspective also makes me to think how other social institution tries to tackle evolving social problems. Religious Institution, Traditional Institution and Tribal Institution are potential enough to resolve the issues quicker than any other institution which leads these institution based communities to climb the social ladder in a better speed. But the question of Youthful life among young minds remains unanswered.

Since the time of early humans, the solution were simple to all complex problems. In the same manner we can also try to tackle problems of current generation. Let’s imagine that you brought your favorite car this week and started using it every day. So whenever you cross a speed breaker you will slowdown the car and again raise the speed in an empty road. What just happened? You handle the brake properly whenever it’s necessary, you took care of the car’s suspension, parts of the car was protected, and passengers had a comfortable journey. If you do thing same process again and again the car’s performance will be good for many years, if not then the life of the car will be reduced into few years. There were lot of things happening when you applied break. Similar to this application, life is also functioning is a same manner.

It’s all about applying break in your lifewhenever you feel out of balance and begin to balance the ingredients of life. Balancing provides time and space to unlearn and relearn, where you can rediscover solution to problems. Once we attain this ability to apply break and balance in your life, Youthfulness with take birth. It will slowly change your life with enormous amount of youthfulness. And when you practice this from a young age you can master it.


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