Would You Choose Friendship Over Your Children?

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There comes a time when parents need to choose between friendship and his or her children, sometimes they even believe their friends more than their children. Sadness comes along with this kind of situation especially to the party who will not be chosen. President Duterte holding his title as the current President of the Republic of the Philippines, He is also recognized as the current Father the Filipino Nation. He is responsible for everything in his term. He is responsible in making decisions for the good of his children, his countrymen.

One of the most current controversial news is about the “Alleged Chinese vessel rammed Filipino fishing boat” (happened in Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines). Is it just a made up story or not? The Filipino fishermen claimed that it was night time and it’s almost two weeks when they set off from land, when a Chinese vessel fastly coming their way. One of the fishermen thought that it’s just a dream and others found themselves already submerged in coldwater. They shouted for help, the Chinese saw their boat sinks intothe water. They thought that they would be rescued yet instead of helping them the Chinese vessel maneuvered in reverse and rush off. As the fishermen struggled floating in cold water they saw a gleam of hope miles away. It took them hours to reach the vessel and found that it is manned by Vietnamese.

How ironic that this incident happened on the day of the “Commemoration of Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day”. On the other hand, President Duterte, the Father of Filipino Nation claimed that it’s just a minor accident. Simply to say that he didn’t believe his countrymen. The president decided that instead of banning Chinese they can continue fishing and take advantage in Exclusive Economic Zone of the Philippines. This decision saddens many Filipinos. It turns out that the Father of the his own nation chose friendship and abandoned his countrymen, his children.

In this case china must not longer be recognized as Philippines’ Friend, because friends don’t cheat, don’t lie and don’t diss friends. China cheated Philippines when the United Nations made an agreement for both of the countries to leave the Panatag Shoal but until now China is still in the possession of the shoal and they are continuously getting benefits from the shoal. China lied to Philippines when they claim that they didn’t saw Filipino fishing-boat on the night of the last “Commemoration of Filipino-Chinese Friendship Day”. China dissed Philippines when they ignored diplomatic passport that the DFA gave to a former ambassador. Would you still recognize China as a friend of Philippines? When they cheat, lie and diss Filipinos.

Friendships must not be considered whenever we make decisions and friendships must bear fruits of love and peace P resident Duterte, Father of the Filipino Nation, would you still consider thisthing as friendship? When all it brings are chaos, sadness and worries to your children, to the Filipino Nation.

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