Work Ethic in Modern Education

Updated May 5, 2022

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Work Ethic in Modern Education essay

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Being able to get the job done is half of the race, the other half is simply being able to do it correctly. Jeffrey J. Selingo’s essay “Forget coding. It’s the soft skills, stupid. And that’s what schools should be teaching” tells us that the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and math) are important to learn, but being able to perform communication and teamwork is the most valued. If one has the education and potential to do a job it is nearly useless if they do not have the ambition and soft skills to execute the task. The subject is accurate because it provides relevant evidence with interviews, statistics, and background information on why soft skills should be a key component in today’s education.

Interviews are a good way to get others perspective on the concept of soft skills, whether it be from a professor at a college or a CEO of a company. Their perspective is valued since the boss would know what they want in the job environment and the professor would teach why it is important. Soft skills are hard to come by since the upcoming generation entering the work force or a college are sometimes known as the “digital natives,” being raised on technology can do that to someone. A psychology professor at Stanford University states that praising students on their intelligence, rather than effort, often leads them to give up when they encounter the unknown. The lack of work ethic is an error that is from not learning the soft skills (Selingo). A business executive claims that when he is looking for employees that he looks for: integrity, communication, social skills, teamwork, and work ethic (Exploring). Considering that most jobs would be looking for those components it would be highly recommended to obtain them.

Being a good employee in the work force or a better person in general requires a lot of valuable assets. Some may say that many of those assets come from soft skills, these skills are described as having people or behavioral skills, technical skills, and knowledge in the work place (exploring). Being able to get a task done is easy, but knowing what one is actually achieving and doing it correctly is the hard part. Students nowadays are taught to get the job done but what they are not taught is how to get it done the right way. Simple skills could be applied to a situation to conquer the task, skills like critical thinking and decision making. Elements of these skills are reasoning, problem solving, and judgment, accessing, and evaluating the information given (21).

Hard skills are easier to come by, they involve the STEM field. Mostly everyone can perform the hard skills, but not everyone can perform the soft skills. Being able to just simply talk and engage yourself with your environment helps with being a more accommodated resource. Colleges and jobs generally require the basic skills to be accepted but to noticed and respected one must inherit the social skills. Teaching these soft skills at a younger age would help for the students in the future, allowing them to succeed at anything they challenge. Instead of giving up when not knowing how to proceed. Though these skills are not being taught in the higher education, they are just simply weak.

Work Ethic in Modern Education essay

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