Factors That Affect Discomfort, Pain and Injury

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As from the given scenario I am supposed to describe about the DPI [discomfort, pain and injury] and it’s affecting factors whereas the full form of DPI is discomfort, pain and injury. We know that there are many elements that get together to perform pain and injury while discomfort is building in the daily life of the human life. ACC is system framework of DPI which has developed program to prevent such pain and injuries. The full form of ACC is accident Compensation Corporation. As we that it is very important to keep people and yourself save while moving things or human. DPI framework is very important factor that helps you to know about the things or factors that causes DPI. There are many factors that affect the DPI which are described below.

Factors affecting DPI

  • Individual factors
  • psychosocial factors
  • Work organization
  • Workplace layout
  • Task invariability
  • load/forceful movements
  • environmental issues

Individual factors

 As we know that the meaning of individual is personal or like if a human being can change their personal behavior that affects them is known as individuals factors. There are many of individual factors like personal health, fitness, skills and knowledge. If a person or human wants to change themselves personally it takes some time and efforts but changing ourselves keeps us fit and safe and also healthy.

Some of the things doing regular exercise and training help people to be fit and healthy. There are some of the things that cannot be changed individually or also by an effort like age, gender and personal appearance gifted by nature. According to [career force 2015] in the field of health care and management there are many individuals who loves to take care of another individual and humans but some of them do not like doing the same thing which is also a individual factor.

Psychosocial factors

As we know that the word psychosocial is defined as both the personal and social problems that an individual is facing in the daily life. the person are working very hard at their work place because of which they will mental stress and problems which may leads to the factor that affect the psychology of the individual.

Personal issues contains managing family sources like taking care of parents and children, financial problems and loss in the business and daily life of the individual, other problems like worries of health of own or family. The other factor which is work or job that has many issues like if you are not satisfy which your working hours, salary and timing it leads to a mental problem that leads to create a big issue in the life of the person. Also if the culture at your work place is not liked by individual it leads towards harm.

Work organization

The term work organization is defined as the time while a person or individual is taking a safety at the work place while transferring person or things over there. Every people have their own techniques to move the things and person while they are working so we should have to apply the best way which does not harm to anyone. The rule and regulations at your work place also affect because every company and organization has different rules and policies and also the level of training that is provided to your work place which is very important in the daily life of an individual. We have to make sure that we are using the training level at our work place also we have to take lots of breaks that help us to decrease the mental tension.

Workplace layout

The word workplace layout means the place where you are working which is either covered by safety that affect you so we should have to take care about ourselves while we are at work place. Some time if we are working we might feel bore and tired and want to take some rest to chill out and feel relax at that time you can talk with your supervisor to complete the task because it’s your right and helps you to be relax otherwise you will get pain and injury because if your mind will be out of your workplace you will be careless and get hurt. There are also some factors that lead to harm like if you are working in very small place you are hurt yourself or may be bend your organs because of bad posture.

Task invariability

The process of doing the same task again and again is known as task invariability. It is very bad for a person if he/she is doing the same task again and again because it leads to mental problem and health and also it cause bad impact to our body. As we know that if the task is too boring and challenging a person can hurt him selves/her selves. If we have to do the same task again and again by all day it gives a bad impact and also may cause injury and discomfort.

Load/forceful movements

The word load movements has two meaning while load means the things that we carry which movements means how we move from one place to another. We know that load/forceful movements also affects our safety like if we talk about the NEWS we can listen that many people are getting injured because of carrying loads from one place to another. If we want to lift heavy load it needs high power and heavy muscles while many people get injury while lifting things like shoulder broken knee problems and also body problems. So while doing such activities we should have to be careful and also have to think about health and safety.

Environmental issues

Environmental issues are defined as that place where we work or doing our task. There are many factors that affect environmental issues some of them are as follows;

Noisy place

 If a person is working in a crowded and noisy place he/she may get affected because of the noise which leads to discomfort and injury. So we should have to extra careful while doing such type of task.

Brightness level

 It is defined as lightening that is very essential for a particular person to work in a work place. It includes dull or lover brightness level that directly affect the person at the work place which cause mental disorder or in term of health and science mental.

Spacing level at work

 As we know that if a person is working in any place he/she needs space to make themselves and their body posture good and maintain. So at work place space is very important to save ourselves from pain and injury.

Level of experience

 If a person is not being trained at the work place and continues the work without skills and experience it also causes pain and injury. Because of mental pressure and less of skills a person can hurt the body or break the things.


As from the scenario of the question I am supposed to describe the two examples of occupational hazards at a work place for careers for the factor DPI are described below;

The term hazard is defined as the sudden harm or injury that happens at the work place because of person things or other things. As we have to be extra careful while working at the workplace because if we are careless it causes pain and injury.

Working time table [long hours shifts]

As we know that rest is very important factor is required for every living things to be fit and healthy. Working for very long hours may cause every individual feel boring and full of stress that may cause mental problem. So if a person if working for a long shift breaks are very important because at the break time people can have tea and coffee and also lunch and dinner and can chill out for some time to be fine and it also makes individual energetic and he/she can get extra level of energy and perform a good task. Healthcare assistant should be arranged at the work place for those people who need it because at the time of mental stress people can feel different difficulties. So the management has to manage the shifts according to the time that the person can get rest and feel comfort.

Environment at the work place

As we know that the environment work place should be maintained and have a good space to work freely. Some of factors affecting environment work place are as follows;

  • Lack of space at work place may cause pain and injury.
  • Slippery floor at the work place may leads to hurt someone.
  • Because of using the unnecessary things by untrained person may cause pain and injury.

Body position/movements

The process of moving the things or person one place to another is movement while we have to be careful while moving the patient from one place to another. People can get injury at their body positions at the work place while they are not paying attention to their work. They can bend their back affect their leg or so on. If a short person want to take something from the height may lead to injury .lifting heavy loads by thin people also cause pain. So body position is also very important at the work place.

Other hazards

There are also many hazards which are insufficient space between the beds or the slippery floor or the unmanaged toilets and lightening May leads to pain and injury so it is very important to be safe at the work place.


From the scenario of the task as I have to explain the responsibilities of the self-care when moving and handling people are described below;

As being a health care staff myself Jyoti Khand Shahi at first I would like to give priority to my own health and safety and also as well as to my clients.  As we know that the management teams are responsible for day to day measures that take place at the work while taking care to the clients.  The main responsibility is to take and give respect which helps to improve the health of the clients without medicine and another factor is friendship that is required to have in every staff.

The responsibilities of the self-care while moving and handling people are

  • Risk assessment
  • Wearing proper clothes
  • Willing to take part in training
  • Self-advocacy
  • Warm up exercises
  • Taking lots of breaks
  • Self-assessment

Risk assessment

Risk assessment is defined as the assessing of the task and society in term of caring and minimizing all the risk. Its proper aim is to understand the hazards of the society and to solve the problems by using following tasks as follows.


 Load is defined as the task which is done by the help of energy and force. So we have to be careful and risk should be managed at the work place.


 As we know that to do the task the staffs should be trained properly so that they do their own task easily without any hazards at their work place. There are lots of things that should be considered while doing the task like size of the people, weight, ability to do the task, height and lots of factors that affect the risk assessment at the work place.


 As we know that if an individual is doing any kind of task it should be clearly defined and mentioned because otherwise it may cause a great pain or injury to that particular individual. So task is also of the factor that affects the risk assessment.


 The main factor that affects the risk assessment is environment because as we know that firstly we have made the clear situation about the environment before we will start our task. We have to analyze either move is possible or not because while moving individual we have to know about the condition of the floor either it is dry or slippery, about the body posture and also if we have clear space or not.

Wearing proper clothes

As we that only training and experience is not enough to complete the task, Proper clothes should be used by the staff according to the weather and work place and condition that is very important because as we know that we should have to wear comfortable dress which will fit the task and environment. If the does not fit he will be mentally feel stress and it will cause pain and injury at the work place so extra care should be taken and for example if we will wear too tight clothes at our work place we will feel uncomfortable and hazards may take place.

Willing to take part in training

As we know that every individual should take part in training because it will make the individual talent and help to do the task freely. As we know the special training should be given to the health care staff so that they can handle the hazards at the work place. To handle the pain and injuries proper training and guidelines should be given to the untrained person from the trained staff and every month awareness and training program should be conducted by the members to the staff.

Self advocacy

As we that self advocacy is defined as the process to represent the own interest and desires to represent own life that is created by the individual to speak up himself/herself and the decision of the life and also learning how to explain the life according to the personal desires and also the problem solving. So being as health care staff I would like to use my own desires and personal interest to help the people who are in needy and also to protect them from pain and injury.

Warm up exercises

As we know that exercise is very important factor that changes the physical fitness of the individual so daily warm up exercise should be given to the people whom care should be given by the health care staff. Exercises help us to make the bone and muscles very strong. As from the saying of the doctor exercise helps as medicine for the people who are not physically fit and healthy. So health care staff should handle the people very carefully to help them from pain and injury and There are lots of exercise like stretching body, running, morning walk, stretching hand and legs so we should have to do such kind of exercise 3-4 times in a day so that we can remain fit and healthy.

Taking lots of break

As we know from the scenario of the daily life people are working very hard and long shifts to run their daily life because life is not possible without job. So while doing the shifts people have to face lots of problem like mental stress and headache and also many pain and injury that makes the people weak and unhealthy. So lots of break should be taken by the staffs who are working long shifts. In every 3-4 hours long break should be taken by the staff to have a lunch tea and coffee and also to feel relax. When people take break they can chill outside which make them to concentrate in their work. At the work place health care staff and nurse should be managed by the management to take care of the clients.


Self-assessment is defined as the process of taking care of own self by using the essential aspects that are important to own identity. According to psychological education self-assessment is defined as a wide range of education that is used by individual to evaluate their own quality life. It always motivates to get success and progress in their life. Self-assessment helps the people to get information from their uncertain life to get success and progress. If a person is not self motivated in the life they will get failure in their carrier and cannot achieve their goal. So self-assessment is very important in our daily life that improves the uncertain life of individual to get high level of thinking and get motivated.

Training to the individual

As we that training is very important for every individual to do their task. It is very essential because it help to eliminate the hazards and helps the individual to be safe and perform the task easily without any hazards. Training should be performed in the following method

  • To finish the task safely and properly.
  • Safe handling techniques and methods should be taught.
  • To maintain the hazards.
  • To use the stuffs and machine by care.


According to the principle of health and safety at the work place 2015, all the individuals should be noticed if there are being affected by illness, injury or death. We have lots of ways to perform this task because as we know that this is a modern era of science and technology and we have smart phones internet and online documentation so if any hazards happens at the work place we can easily handle it very quickly and it is possible to do at the work place and informed at the work safe New Zealand. There are lots of event that may suddenly occur at the work place.

  • Sudden death
  • Sudden illness and injury that may occur untimely.

Because of sudden illness and injury that occurred untimely there are lots of pains that may occur on our body parts which are as follows;

  • Injury that happen in the eye, head and also burns.
  • Some of the simple injury that may be treated as a kind of first aid.

Heavy pain and injuries that can only be treated at the hospital and lots of diseases that can be treated by doctors, nurses and health care staff which may be skin separation or operation.


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