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What Success In Life Depends On

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What Success In Life Depends On essay
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Success in life is dependent on both luck and factors you have control over. However, factors that one has control over play a larger role to dictate the outcome of the individual’s life. Decisions that we make, either right or wrong, the effort we put into our daily activities, our perseverance and determination determines the failure or success of one’s life.

Source I is a depiction of the five steps to success. In the drawing, there is a figure presumably trying to be successful and therefore, he is starting from the first step to success which is “the desire to learn something¨ to the last step which is ¨Tenacity to adopt a practice¨. In between these steps are ¨wish to learn, resilient to failure, and perseverance to try again¨. All the artists 5 steps to success in one way or another relates to personal decision and what someone will have to do inorder to achieve success in life. The artist emphasizes personal choices by incorporating into his drawing the power on the mind, the artist writes as the 3rd step ¨resilient to failure”, ¨resilient to failure¨ has a lot to do with the mind. The decisions that someone makes when he fails determines how successful he will become. In the words of Wayne Gretzky, ¨you miss a 100 percent of the shots you don’t take¨ and for that fact decision you make determines your success.

In source F, which is also about the key to success being grit, the author mentions “ So far, the best idea about building grit in our kids is called growth mindset¨. Growth mindset, in my opinion is making the decision to combat the problems or obstacles that comes your way hands on, not being afraid to fail, and trying to the best of your abilities to achieve whatever you want to achieve. Having a growth mindset enables you to overcome challenges in life . In source F, the author refers to a growth mindset as ¨the belief that the ability to learn is not fixed, that it can change with your efforts”. This quote about growth mindset also demonstrates how making the decision to put effort into something can give you a growth mindset, which in turns makes you gritier. The quote by the author shows people are not born with growth mindsets, they make the decision to develop a growth mindset. Having a growth mindset is a major factor that determines your success and makes you feel like there is nothing unachievable.

In the book The other Wes Moore, the author wes, writes about a time where he wasn’t performing good in school and his grades were also not the best and as a result of that, his mother sent him to a military school against his will, to learn how to be disciplined and improve his academic performance. While he was in the military school, which he didn’t actually like, a fellow cadet who outranked gave him a map of the area in which the military school was located and told him that he could run away and go back to his hometown. Not knowing it was a prank, wes moore followed the map and ended up at a place he didn’t know and while he was trying to find his way back, his fellow cadets came out and started to laugh.


After this incident, his mother called and gave him a lecture about the sacrifice she made to send him to the military school. After the talk with his mother, Wes Moore began to focus on his academics and also tried to persevere in all the activities he was involved in. The choices like joining the military, going to college, and travelling about the world to learn about different things and people made by wes moore since going to the military school made him successful. One could argue that the success in Wes moore life was based on luck because his mother stepped in and made sure wes moore going in the right direction in life but it is imperative to consider the personal choices or decisions Wes moore himself made to ensure he became successful. Story of Wes Moore’s success in life is testimony that personal choices play the largest role in determining success in life.

What Success In Life Depends On essay

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