The Other Wes Moore Book Review

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The Other Wes Moore book explores the life paths of two people with the same name Wes Moore, but ended up in very different places. To begin with; they have the same name, also lived in the same area. And, both Wes were raised by a single mother who wanted the best for her son. Although they have similar characteristics the difference in their futures are enormous. One of the difference they had were the lack of strong mentors. The other Wes mother tried everting she can, she sacrifices for her kids working long hours trying to provide for her kids, but forgetting to check how the other Wes was doing in school and everything. And her biggest mistake was leaving Tony, Wes big brother as the only guardian. Tony was a drug dealer. As a result of that, the other Wes start to get involve in the horrific drug dealing industry, and time later in a murderer. For what he was imprisoned for life.

Unlike the other Wes mother, Wes mother do everything she could to save her son from all the bad influences were surround him, Wes mother put them in to different schools, and also work lot of hours to pay for privet school for her son, but never forget checking on them. She notices he was not meeting the goals to succeed in school, she decides to send him to a military school. Then went to a military college where he successfully graduated as a commissioner officer. Despite the fact that they both have a mother who raised them and tried to save them from all the delinquency, fights and trouble, only Wes(author) mother successfully did it. She knows that education was the key to a better future for her son.

Both Wes’s were practically in the same risk of failing in to the world of drugs and crime. But only one decided to take the right path to a better future.


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