The Salvation Army

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“Hope, where it’s needed most”. The Salvation Army has been helping Australia for decades, feeding the homeless, assisting the poor. “The Salvation Army is a Christian based organization that has been with Australians since September 1880, helping the homeless and needy” (Salvation Army, 2019). Without knowing the increasing effect, it would have, “Within a century, The Salvation Army would feed hundreds of thousands of Australians each year.” (Salvation Army, 2019). The Salvation Army is undoubtedly important to all Australians for they’ve been helping people for decades, in relations to people, history and culture. Understanding the worth leads to the foundation, text and impact of the typical Australian stereotype.

Helping Australians, homeless and domestic violence shelters. Today they are recognized as a worldwide charitable organization that exist to help others (Got Questions, n.d.). The typical Australian stereotype includes laziness and slackness all round, but this stereotype is proved wrong by the attitude of the salvos, as they are always ready to help in any way they can. The Salvation Army has been with Australia since the early 1880’s (Salvation Army, n.d.). It started with humble beginnings when “Salvation Army officers, James and Alice Barker leased a small house in Melbourne’s North to provide accommodation and support for men discharged from Melbourne Gaol” (Salvation Army, n.d.). Having this much history with Australia it is clearly emphasized why their advertisement used the song ‘I am Australian’. With this in mind it is clearly evident how they became a household name in most homes in Australia.

The Salvation Army also has an appeal called the Red Shield Defence Service. This appeal helped the Salvation Army become popular in Australian households. At that time, it was called the red-shield, this gave work to troops and this commenced in Australia in a Marquee at Broadmeadows, Vic., in August 1914 (Red Shield Defence, n.d.). This connected the salvation army to the Australian family’s and people. During the 1915 – 16, they built structures for cloakrooms, recreation and refreshments for the camps. The words ‘THE SALVATION ARMY’ on a big red shield shaped background became a well-known Insignia (Red Shield Defence, n.d.). As the source indicates the salvation army helps Australia when it needs it, and shows that the stereotype of lazy Aussie’s is fake.

The Salvation Army has been through a lot, but what was happening that lead to the cause of them first starting? During the time when the Salvation Army was first getting started, the Great Depression was on the brink of beginning (ExplorePHhistory, 1998). Before the Salvation Army got its name it “started as an organization built with people who were concerned for the poor and disadvantaged in their community. This lead to an organization being born called: The Christian Mission. Over the next few years the movement flourished, and it was renamed to the name we know it as today. The Salvation Army had its new title and with it an inspired metaphor for its role in fighting the injustices of society” (Joseph Hallidays, n.d.) PARAPHRASING – ASK MISS WAT TO DO.

Many language features and emotions are grasped when reading the lyrics to the song I Am Australian, this song is one of many theme songs the Salvation Army has specifically picked to create emotion and feeling in their audience. Pathos was used in the 1996 advertisement with the song I am Australian, emotions were created when the imagery of the add met the song. It wasn’t sung traditionally, however as they sang the song in a more calming and compassionate way, to generate more feelings. The song alone has many language device features in it, to make it a stirring song. For example, it uses alliteration of the words “I am, you are, we are Australian”. Having these words repeated in the song makes us feel like no one will be left behind and no matter what your still Australian. The words repeated in this song “we are one, but we are many”, also convey the same feeling and emotions as did the others.

Personification, likewise was used in this text, for example throughout the text the lyricist talks about as if Australia is a person. “I am Australian, I’m the hot wind from the desert, I’m the black soil of the plains, I’m the mountains and the valleys.” Having these words in the song brings the song to life by allowing us to assign it human aspects. do

The Salvation Army helps everyone from the poor to the needy, they put food on the table for families, does this not tell us what kind of people they are? It is no wonder they are well-known in Australia. They shape the ‘typical Australian’ by knowing that if we ever need help in dire situations, we know where to go to get support and supplies. Having the song ‘I am Australian’, warm the hearts of every Australian watching it, this shapes us by the efforts they make and do.

Without a doubt, it is clear that the Salvation Army helped shape Australia into the country we know it as today. Without them there would be thousands of deprived or needing people. We saw that they started as a humble Christian organization that helped the needing, and turned that into something huge that is world-wide. Even their advertisements impact Australians, with their use of the song ‘I am Australian’, having this song stirs emotion and feeling into the audience. Overall it is easily seen that the Salvation Army is the heat and soul of most Australians


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What does salvation army do with donations?
The Salvation Army uses donations to support their various programs and services, such as providing food, shelter, and financial assistance to those in need. They also use donations to fund disaster relief efforts and community outreach programs.
What does The Salvation Army do?
The Salvation Army is a worldwide evangelical Christian church and charitable organization. They are most well-known for their work with the poor and needy, but they also do much more.
What is the meaning of Salvation Army?
The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian movement and an international charitable organization. The mission of the Salvation Army is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ and to meet human needs in His name without discrimination.
What religion is Salvation Army?
the Salvation Army, international Christian religious and charitable movement organized and operated on a military pattern.
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