The Philippine Constitution and Human Rights to Health

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The Philippine Constitution of 1987 guarantees fundamental human rights to health. The health care system in the Philippines is generally fine, especially that there are upcoming significant reforms related to it. An example of which are as follows: universal and sustainable PhilHealth membership (Filipinos are automatically members now).

20th of February this year, the president has formally signed into law the “Universal Health Care (UCH) Act, which ensures all Filipinos equitable access to affordable and quality healthcare”, furthermore, affordable cancer treatment; greater access to essential AIDS/HIV health services, upgrading and enhancing government health facilities. Apart from those, The Department of Health has has several programs also to address health problems, among this is the Memorandum of agreement with Malaysia to collaborate for advancement of health sector.

The government needs to build a well-functioning health care system across a wide range of geographic regions and cultures because these are the major barriers to access better healthcare. Although the image of the Philippine government is being tarnished by corruption, the government continues to strive for an efficient, effective and responsive health care system that provides affordable and high-quality healthcare.

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