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The Constitution Allow our Courts to Seek Light

The constitution allow our courts to seek light when interpreting the bill of rights from the international and foreign laws. It is important to consider other countries jurisprudence before exercising the merits of the case.In Belgium, the high-profile trademark infringement case was held, where the court was asked to strike a balance between the right…

Bill Of Rights,


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Chile’s Constitution and Democracy

Chiles first main constitution was written in 1829 by the de facto ruler of Chile, Diego Portales. His main objective in initiating his constitution was to develop a central government ran solely by the chief executive. His constitution stayed in place until a new constitution was adopted in 1925 which gave focus on separating the…



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American Constitution still Relevant

Our constitution was signed over 200 hundred years ago, but that does not mean it is not relevant to our country today. I would like to, in the next several minutes, tell you about the United States’ constitution as a living, powerful document. As American citizens we have the opportunity and the responsibility to use…


United States

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A Brilliant Solution: Inventing the American Constitution by Carol Berkins

“A brilliant solution: Inventing the American Constitution” by Carol Berkins introduces the birth of a new form of Government in America. Ten years after the Independence of America, America is not as prosperous as political leaders had expected. America is in debt, people fear that there is not a strong government and farmers are unhappy…

American Government,


United States

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Deliberative Analysis of a New Constitution in The United States of America

Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay under the fictitious Publius wrote a series of eighty-five papers. However, Hamilton, a statesman published the first article in the independent journal of October 1787. He used an emotionally charged word in describing the failure of the existing government. In this persuasive introductory writing, he called on the…

American Government,


United States

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Principles of Constitution of the United States

Principles of the United States Constitution are vital to the success of this document and the success of the United States as a whole. There are six main principles for the United States Constitution: Popular Sovereignty, Limited Government, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Federalism, and Judicial Review. Each principle is as important as the…

American Government,


United States

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Articles of Confederation and the Constitution

A major distinction between the two was: the Articles of Confederation enabled states to have their own armed force. Be that as it may, the national government was reliant on states if it somehow happened to raise an armed force. Conversely, the Constitution gave the national government the privilege to raise an armed force to…

American Government,


United States

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Is this Constitution Broken?

The constitution was created in the year 1782 for a society that no longer exists. The society that it was created for was one that demanded independence from that of an English oligarchy. I agree that there are many elements within the constitution that are still relevant to this day such as those within the…

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United States

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Constitution Facts About The Founding Fathers

The Founding Fathers were the ones that structured the democratic government of the United States and left a legacy that had shaped the world.The Founding Fathers who envisage the Constitution in Philadelphia in 1787 believed not in total democracy.They saw the common man egotistical and disdainful,accordingly in need of a good political constitution to control…


Federal government,

Federalist Vs Anti Federalist

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Kaepernick’s Protest and Right to Protest

On Sunday, September 24th, 2017, an estimated 130 NFL players were either kneeling, sitting or raising a fist during the pre-game singing of the National Anthem. They were following Colin Kaepernick who, in the 2016 NFL preseason, began to sit during the anthem. He later evolved his protest into kneeling during the anthem. Kaepernick said…


Human rights,


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