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The Philippines Nationalism and the Three Ilustrados

The following historical critique will illustrate a narrative of Philippine Nationalism through an examination of the role of the heroes who played in constructing the perceived notion of “nationhood”. Dermendo (2004) argues that heroes are critical components of the identity axis of nationalism. An individual’s veneration of national heroes enhances the individual’s sense of belonging…




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The Philippines: Culture and Tradition

The Philippines was a widely diverse population including many different religions and ethnics, ranging from Chinese descendants to when Spain had taken control. The Philippines has a wide variety of food, clothing, language, money, religion, and lifestyles. The school system is also different from what America has surrounded the younger generations with. The curriculum moves…




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The Philippines Problem

The U.S. Indo-Pacific Command (USINDOPACOM) area of responsibility includes multiple countries with large economies, large military forces, and significant diplomatic influence throughout the world. Also noteworthy, this region comprises five nations for which the US maintains formal bilateral security treaties. One of these nations, the Philippines, possesses some developmental challenges affecting U.S. interests, some of…



Social Issues

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The Philippines, Its Culture, Religion and Society

Introduction The Philippines is called the “Pearl of the Orient Seas” and it was founded in the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia. The Philippines is rich in nature which contains 7,107 islands which are also called the Philippines Archipelago. The land area is approx. 300,000 square kilometers and the capital is Manila. The country was…




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Brief Information about the Philippines

The Philippines is in Southeast Asia, in the middle of the Philippine Sea and the South China Sea. The country has 7,641 islands, with 2,000 islands settled in. There are three major islands in the Philippines they are Luzon, Mindanao, and Visayan Islands. Since the Philippines is so close to the equator, it’s warm all…




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Investment’s Role In Poverty Alleviation In The Philippines

The Philippines, as we know it, is still a developing country struggling with the prevalence of poverty in it. Through the years, studies have been conducted to determine the root causes of poverty and propositions towards actions based upon these have been made in order to upgrade the economic status of the citizenry. A report…



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My Notion in Philippine History

Introduction of History In my point of view, history refers to our roots as an individual. In a more specific explanation, Alpha History defines the word in “What is History?” as; “History is the study of past- specifically, the people, societies, events and problems of the past- and our attempt to understand them.” Based on…




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Night Market to Kayang Street: Opportunity and Potential

The Harrison Road of Baguio City may seem like any other road at first glance, but at sundown it turns into a lively bazaar that offers a variety of products for all to buy, this is known as the night market. The night market pops up at night from 9PM to 2AM with vendors to…



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Filipino Folk Dance – Tinikling

A significant factor in a human’s life is dancing. Dance is a form of art and entertainment that combines different sounds; creating an interesting rhythm that attracts the attention of individuals. There are different types of dance. The Philippines being colonized on various occasions throughout the span of multiple years led to the creation of…



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The Evolution of the Philippine Education System

The Philippine Education system has gone through various changes throughout the years since it first began. From the Early Filipinos (900-1521), their practical way of production and their plain and simple education, wherein at the time the medium of instruction was Alibata, the native alphabet, to the Spanish period (1521 – 1898) wherein compared to…

Education System,


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