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Failure of the Collective Security

There are several factors to examine that led to the failure of the collective security to keep peace during the 1920 and 1935 by the League of Nations. Collective security was an system that was established by the League of Nations where countries have attempted to prevent wars, under this arrangement, an aggressor against any…


Social Security

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Social Security Benefits 

You have finally retired. You have got to the age at which you can begin to collect social security. Life is easy … or not? Tax time is running out, and the obvious question arises: do you have to pay the income tax of social security benefits in 2018 or 2019? It depends. They may…


Social Security

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Social Security Program

Introduction Social security is a social insurance program that is received by over 61 million people. It includes retirement, survivor, and disability benefits. It’s a pay as you go system that is federally administrated https://www.nasi.org/learn/socialsecurity/overview. What is the problem? Social Security was developed from war veterans that needed compensation and benefits for them and their…



Social Security

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Issue in Social Security Program

Social security also known as OASDI (old age survivors and disability insurance program) is at an all-time low and will soon decrease before beneficiaries who are set to receive it get the chance to see all of it. Although, social security can’t run completely dry or go bankrupt, the already intermediate payments could go even…



Social Security

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Police Fight with Crime Theft

Crime is defined indistinct ways. Crime is an unintentional and intentional act of violence committed by the offenders without an excuse, violent crimes are a serious crime against the law Including murder, assault, rape, and robbery. The crime involves taking people’s property, without that person’s consent or intended to rob the personal property. Depending on…


Law enforcement,

Social Security

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Effective Communication in Security Organizations

Communication is the exchange of information between two or more people. The involved parties send, receive, and give feedback on the information being exchanged. The information be shared verbally and/or nonverbally. Communication is an ongoing process but if the message is unclear or the receiver of the message fails to fully understand, the communication is…


Effective Communication,

Social Security

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