The Classification of College Classes: Basic Requirements, Major Requirements and Classes for Personal Growth

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We have many classes that we as students need to take at college. A college offers different classes for students, and the classes differ widely. What classes students take will depend on what their educational plans and what their personal interests are. The classification of college classes reveals what the college and students expect, and these classifications are the basic requirements of college, the major requirements for a college degree, or for transferring to a university, and those chosen for personal growth.

The first group of college classes is the basic requirements of college. In the college curriculum, the basic categories of classes are English, sciences, humanities, foreign languages, and physical education. These classes are general requirements that students have to take to satisfy the college expectation, but these requirements may not make sense to some people. Art major students that have no love for English and math classes may say, I work with clay and paint.

What do I need those classes for? What they said is wrong because those classes are basic knowledge that students should learn. For instance, people need to express their opinions and ideas by writing, and this requires basic English writing and composition skills. A person also needs to know basic math calculations for real life situation, such as measuring distance, weight, and temperature. These basic classes give students a solid foundation by studying in different fields, and help develop their personal capabilities in different areas to reach their desired goals.

The second group of college classes is the major requirements for a college degree or for transferring to a four-year university. When a student is working on his college degree, besides the general requirements, he also needs to take classes that meet his majors requirements. For example, a student needs to finish different levels of accounting classes in order to get his accounting degree in college. For a student who is planning to transfer to a university, he needs to take these major classes to fulfill his lower division requirement according to the universitys expectations.

For instance, a bachelor degree in business requires students to take some basic economic classes in college before they transfer to a university. Different majors have their different requirements. Students must select courses carefully, as some classes may not fill their major requirements. Taking a wrong class will not only waste students time and money, but also will lower their G.P.A if they do not do well in that class. A good G.P.A. is important for students to transfer and being accepted by the university that they wish to go.

The third group of college classes is those classes chosen for personal growth. In the course of studies, colleges offer classes for personal growth, and these classes are not taken for the purpose of a degree. Since people like to do different things, they choose classes depending on their different personal interests. These classes can be fun such as art, music, photography, or exercising.

Another possibility might be that some people want to learn a skill, such as automobile or air conditioning technology, and with such a skill they can find a relative job easily. People will enjoy learning many different things at college. Students need to know what subjects may be of interest in learning. The important thing is to take the classes that are needed and not to get caught wasting time in classes that are not needed.

Students have many choices to take classes in college. Some of the classes help them learn the basics knowledge, some classes are needed to get a college degree, or to transfer to a university. and some classes are taken for fun or for learning a new technique. In college, students need to have a bright mind in selecting their classes depending on what the college requires and what they want to do after the college. The classification system of college classes will help students choose classes intelligently, and fulfill their educational need in an efficient way.


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