English Proficiency Is an Important Skill

Updated August 4, 2022

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English Proficiency Is an Important Skill essay

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English was the language of the ruler and it was the official language of the subcontinent during the Bristish period . At that time English played a very improtant role as itwas widely used in the government , administration ,low counts and commerce form 1947 to 1971. So English affected the general people very much(Rahman,1999) .After the constitution of Bangladesh , Bengali is declared as the official language and English is largely nelected . Nowdays English is taught is as foreign language . It is introduce from grade one and remain as compulsory subject until 12 th grade . Middle Writing skill is more important in English.


Writing has always been seen as an important skill in English language acquisition. This importance is due to the fact that it reinforces grammartical structures and vocabulary that educators strive to teach their students. Many students fall out of English , if they could have written English ,then decreasing the drop rate . If the teacher had the importance of writing English then the students did not had the weakness of English writing .As a result of English writing , students learn to be brave , take riskes and talk about what to do , increase knowledge about them.While studying in English regularly , the students confidence in English was developed and the fear of English was over come .

Many Books,mamuals ,nawspapers, letters, emails and information are written in English . So writing in English is very important.Writing in enlish increases the efficiency of Enlish in middle Enlish.Communrcation in English is encouraged in English writing .Students will have to give enough time to English writing to develop their writing skills.For writing English,more time will be required in the classroom ,so that the students is well-versed in the academy as well as academy. Exposing them to the writing process itself through variousvenues is an excellent way to reach this goal.Additionally, writing skills can be developed when the learner’s interests are acknowledged and when they are given frequents opportunities to actually practice

Writing in a foreign or sceond language is a courageous experience especially for students whose native language is not of the same origin as the target language.Students are faced with the school curriculum that includes the four main skills of English language.Among these skills, they find writing skill the most difficult one and many problems encountered while writing simple English.Students of English writing shouldbe very careful because it is necessary in daily academic life.Students are expected to learn how to be good writers.‘‘If they canot write correctly and logically using appropriate language and style,life will be difficult for them not only at school but in adult life,too (Neville,1988)”.Because of lack of knowledge of English writing,the students are not able build the English vocabulary.It is also due to the reason that the students donot know how to write words phrases,and sentences.

‘‘Writing gives the oppoertunity to the students to be adventurous with the language,to take the rick and to go further of what is learned to talk about”(Shouman,2002). Students must mastes all he rules of English writing.Generate accurafe,correct and correct English”.Writing skills can be a way of communicating with students thoughts and felling.According to(Clifford,1991),the teacher has to encourage learners to write for communication.They should focus on the ideas and meanings they wish to convey rather than on machanics of writing,such as spelling and hand writing.Teachers play an importants role in writing English and help prevent English writes problems.Students from the teachers can join the foreign students by writing English.

Explaining the basic knowledge of students writing English.There is a lack of control over the English writing of the students.English teachers need guidance in English writing.Free writing in English gives the students the chance to express their own thoughts and construct accurate forms with the direction from the teacher.Accodingly to Mift and Johnson(1991)‘‘By writing English.Students can express thenselves in a natural way in respons to the real need”.As teachers suggest writing in English can fronted with their teacheers,they feal uncertain.

Teachers do not get enough practice to write English,they will not to be able to give advise to students to improve writing skills.‘‘Encourage students to write and see what they produce”(Pinsent,1992).Talking to teachers about what students will write before writing English,take help.The role of the teacher should encourage students to write and write the work of English writing.

Accordenly to (walters 1983).‘‘The writings of a students mabe grammatically correct but styles, uses on concepts are unacceptable due to local intervention”.

‘‘The topics of the students are selected by the teachers and they should have some relation with their English curriculem students will be able to write more and more effectively on issuses related to their language and are among their editoral editors”(Smadi,1989).

As on English writing teacher,he needs to be extra careful for free hand writing in English.Students mush be enthuseastic to follow the writing process,so that English can be written in a smoth and acceptable way.

‘‘writing is essentially the process of communication an audience on some papers, If the author dosebnot have to say anything but will not be writing (Oluwadiya, 1992).

Free hand in English helps educators to express thier thoughts and feeling paper. However , the main problems of students mainly ariess because they do not have any knowledge about languege . Their teachers are in the same boat. English is not equally impressive to write teachers skills, due to lack of English writing motivation.The teachers who are in change of writing English are not adequately motivation to write them .Most teacher ignore writing in the school because they are difficult to writing English . If educators and students take writing seriously , the text will be shown to be easier and more exciting than any other skill.

The efficiency of the writing can he expressed in how on can think.By writing english we communication our idea with our contempories, not with our contemporaries knowledge or information is transformed through the writing of the future generation of English .Students are more likely to succeed in future by developing positive ideas about writing . Nowdays , Enlish in on of the most used language in the world . In Bangladesh, english is taught as a compulsory subject most students will not be able to writing English correctly ofter school.Enlish subject failed in the examination because they were free hand writing in English weak .

As a result , the learners cann’t show the communication issues.English writing skills are comparatively important for students. Free hand writing in extremely important for students to imprpove their writing skill.English free hand writing concepts about writing develops,which are very important for the succeess of English writing .The positive appreciation of the writing of the learners increases in their new mind, and they are happy to write. Students need to build positive ideas about writing English .

The perception of the students free hand writing will help them write successful english . Students will haveto learn to us English properly , not in the classroom but in real life outside the classroom . Students must focus on the central class to learn english writing . Teachers will give more inspiration to the English wrirting students . students need to practice daily for free writing skill students should write a lot of free hand writing in English.

‘‘Learning the writing process important for the students as it enables students to express theie thought,knowledge and feeling efficiently”.(Nasir ,Naqui and Bhamani 2013).The purpose of free hand writing is to achieve transparency in English writing . All the fears of english writing of hnads free will be lost . teachers will give the specified time for free hand writing in English , they need to know about english issues.In order to write English , students should be attentive and teachers should be assisted to get the initial odea of writing English . ‘‘Writing is a flexible tool in that it also helps them to remember and share something (Graham and Harris 2005).

For young English students to be able to properly wrtite english , teachers need help to gain the knowledge and skill needed. Free hand writing in English must also find out the problem and student will be to find writing in English problem. Students can do better writing free English and suggest some recommendation from the authorities. The classroom system will provide adequate opportunity for free hand writing in English .For the development of English writing skills of the students teachers will truy to engage in free writing English.

Writing in English is an important skill and it is difficult because it requires long time practice and it is necessary to practice lang time in mother tongue. Help students develop free hand writing practices and their English writing skills.Faruk (2001) said that ‘‘Free writing not only loads to academic success but also helps toreinforceoral work, anderstanding at a reading text and to demonstrare knowledge of target language.In order to learn most foreign languages, English writing is oftenquite difficult to work because they donot fell confident in what they write.Khan(2007) point out that word on sentence level importance in the secondary level.Writing often has a consoliding function (Jump and miller’s in Mcdonough and Shaw,1993).Classroom teacher and monitoring the application of free hand writing in English its should be.

Wrtiting skills are an important part of communacation.If you have the abilituy to write English face on telephone talk can be easily understood.If you are writing a leaflet, plan end strategy in English,and if you have knowlge of English writing skills well then you can write it.To be a blogger nowadays online,have the ability to write English skills.Nowdays, to submitv to the job, the English write has to be used.So it is very important to have the skills of writing English.Regarduss of the method of implementation of the writing English carrculum,there is a lot of expertise in good writing contents,organization and style with writing English conferences.Teachers think that students will correct the English writing errors and the students will write aporoprite English sentence.To overcome the problems of writing English,students and teachers have to change their minds.Students usually need to be surrounded in the learning environment for writing English,and especially for writing skills.

There is a lot of importance in writing in writingb English in the field of trade.It is impossible to trade in inteernational trade without having the ability to write Englisg in the field.There is a lot of importance in writing English to exchange foreign currency,.If you have the ability ton write English, you can get better communicstion with sms on letters abroad.If English speaking people donot have the skills of writing English,then work become difficult through English.Helps express youre personality in English writing.Writing in English creates logical and persuasive arguments.The importance of writing English in present world is unpredictable.

English Proficiency Is an Important Skill essay

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