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Does Financial Crisis Impact Earnings Management?

Abstract Investors use the information pertaining to the earnings to make their investment decisions, The aim of this study is to display the impact of global financial crisis of 2008 on earnings management with the case of listed manufacturing firms in Borsa Istanbul. In addition, it enriches the earnings management literature by focusing on an…


Financial Crisis,


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Global Economic Crisis

Some see an economic crisis as an opportunity for renewed regulations as well as democratic restructuring of the global economy. Others see the lack of strong global institutions. An economic crisis can occur when assets or institutions are overvalued & when businesses and consumers cannot pay their depts. Financial institutions may also experience liquidity shortages….


Financial Crisis

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Global Financial Crisis

Summary The problems that started in the US housing market in the middle of 2007 have grown and have gained a global dimension by spreading from developed economies to developing countries. The reasons for the crisis can be listed as the abundance of liquidity and the resulting sloppy credits, excessive securitization, lack of transparency, inadequacy…


Financial Crisis

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Trade and the Financial Crisis

Introduction In this paper I will elaborate on what effect did the financial crisis of 2008 have on trade and the main correlations between the two that made the most impact. As the Great Recession, as economists across the world call it, slowed the economy of where it all began down, we have come to…


Financial Crisis

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Financial Crisis of 2007–2008

‘The economic meltdown that happened in 2008 devastated the sophisticated, but conceptually hollow premise based on how the self-regulating markets framework functioned’ (Singh 2017). The 2008 financial crisis is the worst economic decline since the Great Depression in 1929. Although the financial crisis was not new, but rather part of the growing financial liberalization and…


Financial Crisis

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We Forget That the Financial Crisis Had a Trial Run

The article discusses about the fall of a hedge fund which occurred in September 1998 and the underlying reasoning was repeated in 2008 financial crisis. The 1998 crisis occurred for Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), a strong hedge fund company which tried to seek profit opportunities by defining new way to invest capital and kept…


Financial Crisis

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Globalization and Global Financial Crisis

As per Ian Bremmer in The New Rules of Globalization, Guarded Globalization is still Globalization, but more selective. He clarifies saying: governments of developing nations (…) choose the countries or regions with which they want to do business, pick the sectors in which they will allow capital investment, and select the local, often state-owned, companies…

Financial Crisis,


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