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Sudanese Food and Cuisine

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Sudanese Food and Cuisine essay
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Sudan civilization based upon its accumulated heritage. Sudanese cuisine has different cultural based on geography. Sudan maybe the region of the world that is the most diversified and colorful in and dietary habits. this is due to there are different ethnics groups and cultures and its interact with external world due to globalization. Sudanese food start with simple types of food and gradual develop they start to discover more tasteful and sophisticated types of dishes its depend on the types of raw materials animals and plant discoveries. after that they try to develop complementary appetizers.

The most commonly used Sudanese special type of food called kissra which is made of durra kissra is always present in most dish in central and general Sudan. Ni’aimiya and Waika is the main items of which are made of dried onions dried meat peanut butter and spices. other materials can be added like yoghurt and milk. there are vegetables like potatoes and others are used in preparing their meat with onions. Asseeda which is prepared from corn or wheat. We have different types of porridges which are popular in sudan made of dhukhun, wheat and sometimes dates. They can be eaten with milk or sugar. Gourrassa is prepared from wheat it is a kind of bread type and commonly found in the northern part of Sudan. There is historical evidence that said that ancient Nubians were first discover wheat in Sudan.

Wheat flour is still remaining the main food for the northern Sudanese people. The prepration of Gourrassa is made from dough and baked in a circular shape, different thickness and size base on the occasions. moukhbaza made of banana paste and it is commonly used in the east. in the south and west there are different tribal groups and adopted different types of food items. dairy products and milk are a fundamental component to the majority of the trips most of them are cattle breeders. dukhun is the popular food the west it is used in preparing porridge called aseeda dukhun. food in china china is the one of the richest country in the world have different food varieties likes: guangdong cuisine or cantonese cuisine is the one of the common dish items in china originates from guangdong province china. renowned for its distinctive style and ranking in the top eight culinary traditions of Chinese cuisine the most popular and common methods of cooking in guangdong cuisine are steaming roasting and stir-frying.


The dishes are included different items of delicious food roast duck pork belly sweet and sour dishes and hundreds of different items. there are a lot of numbers of deep-fried dishes in guangdongcuisine which are present in portal street food seller. Generally, dishes in guangdong are mellower and sweaty than diffrent regions all over china. hence most westerners are accepted easily the accept flavors of guangdong cuisine pepper and salt make an excellent appetizer. the spicy seasoning adding to its flavor and deep-fried shrimp shell turns to be orange. due to its protected by shell outside it need deeply fried the shrimp meat comes out tender.

Sudanese Food and Cuisine essay

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What is the staple food in South Sudan?
South Sudan cuisine is unsophisticated; the staples are bread, pancakes and porridge made from corn, sorghum, maize and other grains . Look out in particular for kisra, a wide, flat bread made from fermented sorghum flour; gurassa, a thick corn bread; and brown wheat poshto.
What is the traditional foods of Sudan?
When you visit, do make time to try the traditional food in Sudan. Kuindiong (sweetened semolina) Moukhbaza (paste of mashed bananas) Kisra (flat bread made from sorghum flour) Dura (cooked maize and millet eaten with various vegetables) Asseeda (Sudanese porridge) Elmaraara and Umfitit.
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