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British’s Attitude Towards India on the Construct of Vegetarianism

Introduction The diet one follows plays a very complex role today in India, a country that hosts a diverse population filled with differences. The discourses on diet in the 21st century India are not only filled with religious, medical, social and moral arguments but are also politically charged. In particular, the conflict between the Vegetarian…


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Vegetarianism Stereotypes

My parents raised my brother and I pescatarian, a diet that includes fish, other seafood, and animal products but not any other meat. Growing up, when informing classmates I was pescatarian, some confused the word for a certain popular sect of Protestant Christianity, while others criticized it harshly. I was a fairly quiet, shy kid…


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Benefit You, the Environment, and Animals by Adopting A Vegetarianism Lifestyle

In today’s society, diet plans and intuitive eating are becoming increasingly popular, which has led to many restaurants incorporating vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free options on their menus because of the high demand. Recently there has been a significant switch from an omnivore diet to an herbivore diet, and possibly for good reason. Meat has been…


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Vegetarian and Vegan Lifestyle

Why does anyone become a vegetarian? A vegetarian is someone who does not consume any animal products or anything that is manufactured from an animal, such as: meat, eggs, milk, fish, honey, and gelatin. “Approximately six to eight million adults in the United States eat no meat, fish, or poultry, according to a Harris Interactive…


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Understanding Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is a diet many people choose to follow. Approximately 375 million people in the world, in fact. Yes, they don’t eat meat, but what is vegetarianism? There are many different kinds of vegetarian diets, although I’m mainly going to focus on a big three. Lacto Vegetarian, Ovo Vegetarian, and Lacto-ovo Vegetarian. A lacto vegetarian…


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Moral Rightness of Vegetarianism

The basis for Budolfson’s claim on the ineffectiveness of vegetarianism can also be challenged empirically. Current research suggests that individuals are more likely to consider and disseminate information that comes from those close to them. Through the natural flow of information, those one hundred newly converted vegetarians will present others with moral arguments for avoiding…


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Vegetarianism is Saving the World

The current population of the world is 7.6 billion people. This is only .01% of the total life on earth. Humans are responsible for killing 83% of the total population of wild animals (Carrington). People have been eating meat for thousands of years without thinking of the effects on the environment and their bodies by…


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Why are People Becoming Vegetarian?

People have a variety of different motivations for becoming vegetarian, from ethics to animal welfare, from health to the use of hormones in livestock. Whatever the reason, when done correctly, vegetarianism can have a positive effect, and not only for the animals. When people don’t eat meat, both the animals and the vegetarians benefit, because…


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Vegetarianism: Be Kind to Every Kind

Vegetarianism is very common in all cultures, even in the cultures that base their economy and also their diet in the production of meat. However, sometimes the term is confused and it is not understood what this ideology really is about. A vegetarian diet completely excludes animal products, replacing its proteins with other ingredients (Traugh…


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Life of a Veqterinary Technician

Have you ever wondered who was behind the scene when you had a stressful encounter with your beloved pet? Having that dreadful moment of bringing your loved one into the emergency room, not knowing who was taking care of your baby besides the veterinarian. Those superheroes are called veterinary technicians. Even though we do not…

Animal Abuse,



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