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Zimbabwe’s Coffee Industry

Drinking our invigorating morning coffee, few of us consider the hard work that it took to get those beans to our cup. Coffee farming requires careful cultivation of trees season after season. It takes 2.5–3 years for a coffee tree to even start producing, and then nine months from flowering to harvesting the coffee cherries….


Food And Culture

Civet coffee

Region twelve is known for its fantastic domain of producing high valued crops and is the pinnacle producer of coffee in the country. Coffee is considered a priority crop in the place with the aid of the Department of Agriculture, which affords the zone with manufacturing technological and technical and marketing help. The region is…


The Coffee Diet

The coffee diet is a relatively new diet plan that is rapidly gaining popularity. It includes drinking a few cups of coffee a day while limiting your calorie intake. Some people have reported short-term weight loss success with diet. However, it has some notable drawbacks. This article reviews the coffee diet, including its potential benefits,…



Coffee Is An Important Commodity

Introduction It’s the beverage that many of us rely on to kickstart us into action in the mornings and in today’s world, it’s more than just popular, it’s ubiquitous. Environmental Impacts of Coffee Production Next to oil Coffee is the worlds second most tradable product and it has become a multibillion-dollar global industry that continues…


Real Coffee Quality

A new trend For many years coffee has been viewed as a low-cost fuel, which drives the human engine. It’s therefore only a little ironic that coffee beans are second only to crude oil in the world’s commodities market.However, over the last decade, coffee has gone from simply being fuel for our bodies to a…


Contrast Between Tea and Coffee

In the United States, only 24.6% of people prefer tea and 75.4% prefer coffee as their daily drink.  Besides, water, tea and coffee are the most popular drinks in the world.  Both men and women of all ages love these addictive, caffeinated, and delicious drinks.  Although both drinks seem to have similarities, coffee and tea…



The Best World Coffee Company

COSTA COFFEENATION – UNITED KINGDOM INTRODUCTION Costa coffee is a multinational coffee company whose headquarters are located in Dunstable , England , United Kingdom. This company was founded by Costa family in 1971. They basically deal in supplying coffee to caterers and Italian coffee shops. PLANNING While doing Planning company’s internal performance is considered .External…


Plantation Coffee Negatively Affect Mammalian Diversity

Coffee is the most important tropical commodity and the forest-like characteristics of the farm create a unique opportunity to combine agricultural production with biodiversity conservation. There is abundant literature on the conservation value of coffee farms internationally, but there has been little research on this topic in Africa. The Ethiopian shade coffee is documented to…



Differences and Similarities between Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are drunken for reasons varying from staying up late to the enjoyment of the beverage. Coffee and tea share many commonalities and differences. For example, coffee and tea both contain a stimulant, that blocks sleep-inducing chemicals, called caffeine. Although, based on the way they’re harvested, processed, and brewed, the amount of caffeine…



Tanzanian Coffee

Coffee is one of Tanzania’s primary agricultural export commodities. It accounts for about 5% of total export value and about 20% of Tanzania’s foreign exchange earnings. Coffee has been the mainstay of the country’s agriculture based economy since its introduction as cash crop around 100 years ago. More than 400 000 farmer families derive their…



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