Society in Karl Marx, Friedrich Hegel and Michael Foucault Point of View

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Standards set on the world are the biggest factors towards the way people act in life. In forces people to push away who they really are just to meet the standards and expectations of the people around them. Expectations and standards have the power to change a persons mindset and the way a person acts. The reason society believe in expectations because people don’t see the conflict between reality and human perception. In history there is a rehashed example of succumbing to social desires and taking the necessary steps to accomplish such.

To decide the degree of every, it is up to the current person’s translation of his motivation, his motivation are his objectives and points that are driven by the level of his battle, his level of battle is at last the contrast among the real world and observation. Karl Marx, Friedrich Hegel and Michael Foucault are on the whole people who guarantee to see how an individual is influenced by societal desires. Their hypotheses perceive the main thrust behind history and change.

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels are central figures in the history of literary criticism and theory and in the development of cultural studies, though neither produced a body of literary-critical work. Marx emphasizes that he is concerned primarily with “material conditions of life” and the “economic structure of society”. Marx and Engles consider these concerns based on the nature of development to be new resolutions in society. Trying to understand the way society works is sometimes to complex to try and wrap your mind around it.

In one of Marx writing he found it difficult to find the relationship between greek art and the society within which it arose as Engles agreed with Marx. They both recognized the limits society put on itself and what they were withholding from. They suggest that economics is not the only way that society can thrive in but the production of life means so much more. The production of life gives society what it needs to make it diverse. You get so many people that have different traits to make the world keep going and make it what it is. Thats what makes the economy run if it wasn’t for the reproduction of life how would the economy even run in society.

When Marx and Engles did a joint work called the “Holy family” they combined their ideas about how economics and social forces shape human consciousness. Also The industrial capitalism economy, says Marx “alienates” individuals from the work that they do.Marx rarely has the word ideology come up in his works, but when he does it makes a powerful statement. When he talks about ideology it has to do with the difference between the surface and capitalist society.The power of ideology to mask and obscure is also at work in what Marx calls “the fetishism of commodities” which he discusses in our first selection from Capital.

Marx and Engles were intact with each other through all of their ideas. They both wanted to society to flourish and make the right choices.

Michel Foucault is one of the most influential european writers and thinkers of the second half of the twentieth century. Michel was originally a member of the communist party but quit after three years. Michel writes powerful pieces about sexuality in his life as a writer. Foucault says “Power is traditionally seen as repressing behaviors that if finds unproductive, threatening, or otherwise undesirable’. For example, people have various sexual desires (to masturbate or to seek same sex partners) that are deemed unacceptable, and social power is exerted to repress those desires and the behaviors that follow from them. Foucault argues however, that modern power produces the very categories, desires, and actions it strives to regulate.

Before an act is prohibited, it is not singled out as something separate and identifiable or perhaps even desirable. The enunciation of the category and the law both creates (identifies, designates) certain actions as crimes and affords them a heightened presence. Giving the people the right to choose their sexuality and the way to live their life gives society the diversity it has. It lets people be who they want to be so they don’t have to hide in their own “shadows”.

In keeping with his historical argument that modern power operates through continual classification, surveillance, and intervention, Foucault goes further, proposing that such power names actions as crimes and perversions precisely to increase its opportunities for intervention. Foucault wants people to be able to live the life they want to in society. His main focus is sexuality in society and does not settle for anything less for everyone to be free.

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