Similarities and Difference between Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim

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Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim are well-known sociologists for their views on society and theories. Karl Marx focused on the relationship between works and economy, started to work on the study of society. Emile Durkheim focused on how traditional and modern societies evolved and function. Today I will speak about the similarities and difference between this two sociologist.

Lastly, I will speak about what they contributed to sociology with what I believe in. Karla Marx grew up in London where he grew his interest in why the wealthy people could only get richer and the poor not improve income. That’s when Marx interest grew and want to figure out ways to improve their society and make everyone equal.

As Marx thought of a strategy to make society a better place he found that there was social conflict, capitalist, proletarians. Social conflict is “the struggle between segments of society over valued resources” (96) in which the way society was producing material goods for certain classes, it was an issue. The capitalist is “ people who own and operate factories and other businesses in pursuit of profits” (96). What Marx thought about capitalizing being wrong was due to them selling their products for more than what they were worth.

And from there that’s where proletarian comes into place. Proletarian was people who sell their labor for wages. By them doing that Marx saw it as capitalism just ending badly. Which lead to people losing their jobs and the economy only getting worse than what it already was. As Marx seen these factors, he wanted to come up with a solution. As Karla Marx knew the revolution wouldn’t b easy, he knew it would be worth it. As the only way out Marx knew “society needed to be remade” (98). Although Marx revolution never happened, Marx knew that capitalize was so evil that it wasn’t going to go too far. As Marx revolution never occur he thought about millions of people that could’ve gotten killed if he proceed with his beliefs and ideas to end capitalize.

All Marx had was hope at the end. Hope that things will change and the rich one day could be equal with whoever is not. As I learned about Karla Marx I realize how much I thought about the wealthy people only getting richer and the poor only poorer. As I’ll drive down Chicago downtown it always came to mind but I never thought it through as Marx did. Marx proved many points about how society really works and how unfortunately nothing has changed yet. Marx contribution to sociology and with what I believe is class struggle. His theories on how to improve society and enamored of influence he had on sociology and the study of human culture. Due to his knowledge and influence is what has opened up many doors for many people to try to improve our society.

Emile Durkheim focused on how is it that society works and functions. Durkheim was interested in what really holds society together. As he explained, “Society was here long before we were born, it shapes us while we live, and it will remain long after we are gone.” (103) As Durkheim grew his interest in what holds us together, it has now helped us understand what makes every individual different from one another. Due to our cultural norms, values, and beliefs is what makes us unique. As well for his concepts like consumerist rituals where “ the more one has, the more one wants”. (103)

Meaning if the new iPhone xs come out and you just got the last version of it last month, you go and replace it with the newer one. Which in our society its something we do. We tend to want to keep up with one another when it shouldn’t really be that way. With Durkheim contribution to sociology and with what I believe in is the way we let society shapes. To have the need to want more, even though we can not afford it or need it. That’s something I struggle with daily. Having the need to want and need something that I really don’t need.

As Durkheim explained, “society shapes us in another way as well—by providing the moral discipline that guides our behavior and controls our desires” (103). It explains so well the way many of us work within ourselves and outside ourselves. Karl Marx and Emile Durkheim had similarities to influencing our society like finding theories to in how we work and how to make society a better place.

As well it had it difference like Karla Marx was focused on conflict in between our social class and as for Emile Durkheim, he was focused on the structure of society. Both of these sociologist frameworks will always remain relevant, important and useful for today’s and the future society. A lot of people will rely on their contributions and try to improve as much as they can our society with their selfish needs and better place.


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