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The Pros and Cons of Two Forms of Economic Systems: Capitalism and Socialism

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There are multiple ways of structuring the economic system that society makes use of. In America, capitalism is the main structure of economic activity. Capitalism involves free markets that compete for business (Pettinger). Almost anyone is permitted to start their own business venture. The ultimate success or failure of a business rests on the shoulders…

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Pan-Africanism is Socialism

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African American

Political science


Kwame Ture first known as Stokely Carmichael was an influential organizer in the Civil Rights Movement and the global of Pan-African movement. He was a civil rights activist known for leading the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee and the Black Panther Party in the 1960’s. Kwame was influenced by Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, but…

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Criticism of the Ideology of Socialism

Pages 2 (474 words)

Political science


1896 was quite the year for the thirty-six-year-old William Jennings Bryan who calls Nebraska home, as he gave his most famous at the 1896 Democratic Convention. In turn, this speech roused a vast amount of delegated and opponents of Bryan began referring to him as a so-called “socialists”. For those that aren’t exactly sure, a…

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Capitalism and Socialism are the Two Major Economic Systems

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Capitalism and socialism are the two major economic systems that underpin opposite structures and frameworks for economic and social management (Brander 15). The two systems are historically associated with the cold war altercation between the United States and the USSR. Therefore, the United States system represents capitalism while the former soviet systems represent socialism. These…

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Equality of Outcome in Revolutionary Socialism

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Equality of outcome is the concept that if you give two people the same privileges and opportunities, two people should end up in the same or equal position. This is the opposite of a meritocracy where you become successful depending on your skills, regardless of the outcome being unequal. Revolutionary socialists support equality of outcome,…

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Group Therapy

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The author finds group therapy to be an underutilized tool in the realm of psychotherapy. First, a meta-analysis conducted by Burlingame and colleagues (2016) stated that individual and group therapy for clients produced treatment outcomes that were equivalent to one another. Meaning, those who went to therapy when dosage, patients, and treatments were equal, the…

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Industrial Revolution: Important Period Of Time

Pages 3 (720 words)

Industrial Revolution

Social Class


To take notice of came during the nineteenth century. The Industrial Revolution was a lead in a new era. This new era involved three many questions. These questions were on the realms of such as the area of our lives, the possibility of caring for other things, and community effort to produce a positive outcome…

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