Societal Norms vs Feminism

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A woman’s place is in the kitchen as many have said. The societal description of a woman is to nurture for her family while the man is meant to be looking or means of survival. This has how however changed in the recent past following the concept of empowerment and equality above the law. The modern woman has the choice to become a career person or a homemaker. A century ago, this was not an option but rather a dream that many came to bring the reality.

The term feminism can be used to describe a political, economic and social movement presenting a front for equal rights and protection of women. Gender differences have always create a rift in the society and this prompted the rise of feminist movements.The first wave of feminism was fighting for universal suffrage as well as political equality for women. This has seen progressed to the gender equality, political influence and leadership. Even with so many people fighting for gender equality, there are stereotypes in the society whose idea of a modern woman is almost closed to a taboo.

The societal norms have enforced gender status gender hierarchy. Women are seen as soft spoken, have less understanding of how boundaries between work relationships with individuals should go, interrupt less as compared to men and are over all social emotional in their endeavors. This has made them be seen as subordinate to men who always execute work more professional as compared to women. With men’s ability to achieve results, the society will always place men in top managerial positions before considering a female.

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