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SMART Goals Helped Me

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SMART Goals Helped Me essay
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It is almost the end of the semester; it is time to have a final revisit to the semester SMART goals. I need to review my A4 and A11 assignments. For each goal, I have review and explain my progress made since mid- semester assignment. I would also explain the importance of each goal and if it is still important to me. I would describe how I would achieve each goal and what have I been doing it. I would rate my success and give an explanation.

I would establish changes I should or could make to improve performance.

First goal for BA180

My first goal for BA180 is learning how to communicate for every class through written materials and verbal communication. This goal is important to me because all types of communication are important, especially when I’m going to face the real world situations after graduation. It is important to learn speak verbally to communicate with others effectively. For written communication, it is important to practice to writing and typing to be more productive and faster in my work. As I mentioned before in A11 review, these types could improve my confidence in me, voice, and words.

Ever since my progress from mid-semester, I slightly improved for my verbal communication. I still don’t talk too much in class unless I have to. For the course self-evaluation, I was critical of myself when it comes to participation. It was mostly low scores for me. Only on the rare occasions, I score m average. The most proud moment that involved verbal communication is presenting the last presentation for class, which is the Case Study Analysis. I think I did pretty well during the presentation. I felt confident even though I made mistakes and stuttered.

However, written communication is a different story than verbal communication. I improved a lot in my typing skills since mid-semester. I used to go 37 WPM but now I go up to 66 WPM. It was a huge improvement and I was very proud of myself to achieve this. I would rate myself a 6.5 because of my little improvement in verbal communication but a huge improvement in written communication. The changes I could make for verbal communication by taking classes, seek advice, or look for tips to improve my self- confidence that might help me speak more in class and other places.

Second goal for BA180

My second goal for BA180 is the improvement on my interview skills and making good first impressions. The importance of this goal to me is that I could reduce the stress that might come up in the interview that would affect my chances in getting the job I am applying to. It would help build my confidence that would help me ace the interview. First impressions are everything, especially for interviews.

Once stepping into the interview, the interviewer will “inspect” the way you walk inside and how you look. Employers are looking for hardworking and confident employees. I want to be those employees that the employers want. For the preparation for the Mock Job Fair, we interview each other by asking some common and tough questions.

At first, I was nervous even if I was just talking to my classmates. As we continue to practice, I started to get more confident in myself and my answers. In class, we discuss tips and advice for making a good impression and answering interview questions. I prepared myself for the interview by practicing when I had free time. I also asked my family and co- workers to help by giving me advice. When the Mock Job Fair day arrived, I felt confident when speaking in the two interviews that I had. In the Mock Job Fair, I feel like I did better than my first job interview than I had in the past.

I learn a lot from the preparation for the Mock Job Fair until the actual event. It would definitely help me in the future. I would rate myself an 8 out of ten. The reasons why for this answer because of my stuttering, excessive use of”um”, taking too long to answer, and not able to keep the conversation flowing. The changes that I could make are improving the mistakes that I learned recently. I can try to control my stuttering, use phrases instead of “um” and taking too long to answer, and think of questions to ask the interviewers.

Third goal for BA180

The last goal for BA180 is working on improving on my critical thinking skills to help solve problems in school and outside of school. For school, it would help me as a student by improve on writing essays, doing researching, and work on class assignments. For the workplace, it would certainly impress employers that come up with solutions that would help the company improve and become more competitive.

I also become a valuable asset to my workplace. I want to increase my knowledge and brain function to become smarter. From mid-semester, I improved over time for this goal. According to my A11 assignment, I needed to walk every 30 minutes and eat the right food to see improvements. This is what I exactly did to see changes. Sometimes I walk for more than 30 minutes, which is another benefit because I’m getting my exercise too. I would eat at least one fruit or any “brain” food every day. This would also make me healthier.

I would say my critical thinking slightly improved. I can solve a problem a bit easier than before. I would give myself 8 out of ten. The main reason why because I don’t solve three problems a week but only when I have free time. However, I’m doing the practice that could improve my brain function. The changes to achieve the goal have to sign up for websites, like Lumosity, to add more help for the improvement of my brain. Since I have free time during the break, I could finally practice critical problems and learn from my mistakes.

Career Goal

My career goal is networking with others by the end of this Fall semester 2018. It is important to build my reputation to others that would create healthy and long relationships. It is also essential in our daily part of our lives, including myself. It would also help me climb up on the social/career ladder, which is important when starting a business and making myself known in real economic world. From my mid-semester process, I would say I improved greatly.

From going to events like plays and concerts, I am able to socialize with others. I was able to make new friends, which I am very proud of myself. It made me very happy when making friends. I was able to get connections from friends and even co-workers about store discounts. I was never this sociable back in high school but now I am! I would give myself 8 out of 10. Even though I feel like I did great, I feel like I could become more involved in the community in order to socialize more. The only change I would make is to join more UOG events to become more involved in.

Personal Goal

My personal goal is to learn how to cook on my own and provide for myself. It had always been a goal of mine to do this ever since I was young but never took the initiative. By cooking for myself, I could finally provide for myself and possibly my future family. It also means I’m growing into an adult or at least taking one step to adulthood. I also want to know what kind of recipes I could make and practice my cooking skills. Cooking is very essential for everyone to know, especially for me. From my mid- semester process, I only learned a few recipes.

One of my favorites is the Filipino Spaghetti. It is the one of my recipes that I really got close to my mother. I even made enough for my family and co-workers to eat. I made the simplest recipes, such as different sandwiches, to moderate recipes, like the spaghetti. I learned about 5-6 recipes this semester. It was very fun and interesting. I would give myself 8.5 out of ten. I wish I could have done more but my schedule conflicted most of the time. However, I was able to learn a lot of recipes than I could ever imagine. The only change would schedule it better when making the recipe.


In conclusion, the SMART goals that created really helped me throughout the semester. I made more improvements than mid-semester. For the 5 goals, I describe the progress and importance of how I achieve each goal. However, it doesn’t mean I successfully achieve all the goals. There are some improvements that I need to make to achieve each goal. Slowly but surely, I would achieve each goal in the future.

SMART Goals Helped Me essay

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Are SMART goals more effective?
They found that the SMART elements -- specific, measurable, etc. -- didn't predict success. In fact, its analysis found that SMART goals had "no meaningful correlation" with employees' ability to achieve impressive feats.
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SMART goals set you up for success by making goals specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. The SMART method helps push you further, gives you a sense of direction, and helps you organize and reach your goals .
How do you use a SMART goal to become highly successful in life?
Let's look at the smart goal setting criteria in more detail: Specific. For a goal to be achievable, it needs to have a very clear outcome. Measurable. To achieve anything, it's important to have measurable goals. Attainable. Relevant. Time-based. Visualize What You Want. Identify Your “Why” Figure Out Your “How”
Why do SMART goals matter?
SMART goals, when done right, can give you a big goal that keeps you motivated . Since SMART goals are designed to be achievable, you can better keep your spirit up when pursuing them. Also, it will help you develop your self-discipline and focus on the task ahead.
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