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Mock Job Fair Report Application

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Mock Job Fair Report Application essay
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This report discusses the Mock Job Fair process and experience. The first activity was creating a resume, reference page, and cover letter. This includes the draft and final process.The second activity is the job application with two different companies we applied to. This involves applying online for 2 different Non-Exempt positions. It also involved completing and submitting the application form and resume. The last thing in this activity is requesting for an interview. The final activity is attending and participating in the “Mock” Job Fair. The scheduled time was conducted by BA444. I talked about each of my interview and how I felt about it. The last thing that will be discussed is my evaluation as a applicant.


I created a resume and a reference page before to apply to my current job. I never made a reference page. When Dr. Colfax and Mr. Borja talk more what is needed in a resume, reference page, and cover letter. There were so much that I did not do properly. So I used my current resume and fixed what needs to be fixed. The needed improvements were the contact info, and education info. It’s wasn’t hard. I asked my supervisors and managers to be apart of my references and they say yes. I put what is needed for the reference page. I created the cover letter that relates to the position I put in the resume.These are only the first drafts. The drafts were critiqued by Mr. Borja and the only thing that I need to work on is the objective of the resume. Everything else was good. I revised my drafts and double check my grammar to be safe. I submitted my final ones. Everything went well in the first activity. The information was given properly and thoroughly. I just need to make my improvements. Now I am prepared for the second activity.

Job Application

We were presented four companies that each five different Non-Exempt positions. The presentations was interesting but need some work. Some of the presentators should look at the audience more and not just read the information in the website. Others were able to make the audience more interested by making them laugh with jokes. I want to apply for the GOLIV3 and Legacy Landscape company. For the GOLIV3 company, I applied for the photographer position. For the Legacy Landscape, I applied for the horticulturist position. I did my research for both positions and put what is needed for both resumes and cover letters. I double check for grammar before applying. When applying for the GOLIV3 company, the application process was easy and simple. I was able to send my application, resume, reference page, and cover letter easily. I had no problems at all. When applying for the Legacy Landscape, it was hard to apply for the position. The website was hard to function because the “apply” button was hard to click and won’t go to the application page easily. They needed to work on that. The application process was a bit long. Everything else went okay. For both companies, the response for both companies took a bit long but thats okay. The information for the both interviews was given in the emails they send. Everything was clear and detailed. It is time to prepare for the Mock Job Fair.

Attendance and Participation

The Mock Job Fair started around 7:45 AM. All students were guided by SHRM members to Rm 112 to sign up for their assigned interviews. After signing up, students must write their first and last name on the name tags they were given. Students took their seats and began preparing for their first interview, including myself. I began reviewing my resume, my cover letter, interview questions online, tips, advice, the position, and the company. Around 8:00 AM, I was called to go to the SPBA lecture hall. As I entered, I waited for my name to be called. It wasn’t too long until that happen. It was time to start my first interview.

First Interview

My first interview was with the GOliv3 company. We greeted each other with introductions and firm handshakes. They asked for what position that I applied for. I told them my position, which is a photographer. They began asking questions. There were five questions. The interviewers both took turns asking the questions. Some of the questions were based on the questions we used for the practice interviews. However, there was one question that got mess me up. The question was, “ What are three characteristics you would use to describe yourself?” I was able to think of two characteristics but I was really stuck on the third one. I eventually gave them the answer. After that, I asked them questions I made on my own. They were able to answer my questions the best way they can. We finished the interview by saying goodbye to see each other. The interview lasted 5-8 minutes. Overall, I think I did okay for my first interview. I was very nervous. I know that I made a few mistakes. I forgot to give my resume, cover letter, and references to them. I said the word,”um”, a lot. I put my hands on the table and keep on moving them. These were just a few mistakes I noticed during the interview but I don’t know if there was more that they noticed. I was glad when it was over. I went back to the room to wait and prepare for my next interview.

Second Interview

My second interview was with the Legacy Landscape company. My interviewers were three girls. We began the interview with introductions and shaking hands. Each of them took turns asking questions. They asked me questions that are similar questions that we did at class. For example, “What would you do under a stressful situation?” They even given me a situation about an unhappy customer and ask me how would I handle it. They had other questions too and I was able to answer them. One question was,” What are your strength and weakness?” Sometimes when I answer, they would ask questions based on my answers. I was able to ask my questions to them and they were able to answer it. We ended the interview with saying goodbye to each other. The interview was 10-15 minutes. Overall, it wasn’t that bad for my second one. I didn’t really feel nervous about this. I remembered to my papers to each of them. I was able to answer the questions the best way I can. I felt like that I did good in my part.

Applicant Evaluation

As a applicant, I think I did well for the first time. I was able to meet the deadlines for the first and second activity. I was able to finish my application on time. I was also send my resume, reference page, and cover letter on time too. The only flaw during the application process was keep on submitting my application,resume, reference page, and cover letter for Legacy Landscape because I got paranoid that I didn’t do it. I feel like I could have wrote down right after I did it or took a picture at the end. The time before the Mock Job Fair, I didn’t really prepared. I didn’t really practice answering interview question during my own time. However, I was able to research on the companies that I applied for and come up with 5 questions for both.I showed up really early for the Mock Job Fair. While waiting for my first interview was preparing myself the best way I can. I feel like the first interview could have went better because I was stuttering and I forgot some things. The second interview went better than the first one. I felt a little more prepared but I was still a little bit nervous. I think I did well as an applicant.


The whole process from the beginning and the end was fun, interesting, and educational. I was able to learn more about resumes, reference pages, and cover letters. I was able to learn more about answering interview questions, which I need to know because I always had a hard time answering. The mistakes that I made are important to find during this whole process so I could work on it. It was certainly interesting to experience to help my future applications for jobs I want. I certainly learn more than reading it on the internet. It made me grow more as a person by giving me more experience and confidence. Everybody did great and I hope it would continue for the future so everyone could experience it.

Mock Job Fair Report Application essay

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