Siblings and Friends

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I have always been strongly family-motivated, and I hold the concept of family in high regard. My siblings and I have always been close. At one time I had a bond like that with my “best friend”. Being family oriented, it is not easy to just see anyone as family. When it happens though, it is special. If a “sibling bond” is broken in a friendship, it may not be recoverable whereas many siblings may divide awhile, it typically doesn’t last long. From my experience, siblings play a more substantial role in my life than friends.

You can share secrets with your siblings and count on them to keep it. Unless maybe, it can harm you. Siblings are people that you can just be yourself around, they may think you’re a little crazy, but that’s why they love you. When you tease your siblings, expect to be teased back. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Your siblings will be and should be brutally honest with you. Friendships may be a lot like this too. Telling your friends secrets can be difficult though, they may let them slip. When you tease your friends, they may take it to heart, and think you were being serious. Your siblings have been there from the start and will stick by your side through thick and thin. Friends say this, but do they show it? At any given moment your friend can walk away, no explanation.

Samantha Short believes that brutal honesty is a good thing and that your sisters will give it to you, whereas friends; however, don’t want to hurt your feelings. In my case my friend is brutally honest. Both of them care about me and my reputation. Shannon also says that your sisters remind you of the true meaning of friendship. In my case, it is all of my siblings, not just sisters but my brother as well. She states that they remind you that friendship is about someone being there nonstop since coming into one another’s lives, not just taking pictures to post online (Short, 2015).

When it comes to who plays a more substantial part in your life, there is no right or wrong. Both are substantial. As humans, we need more than family. We need friends for social experiences. Our siblings are our first friends and according to Paula J., our future connection with them will be determined by our mutual space. We need our sisters when there is no one else. Even though sisters might argue, they are still sisters. Even if they part ways for a bit, a sister is a sister forever (Paula, 2017).

I grew up with three siblings; a half-sister, two years younger than me; a step-sister, two years older than me; and a brother, also two years older than me. When I turned eighteen, I learned news that technically changed that, but not emotionally. I found out the man I knew as my daddy was not biologically my dad. So that meant technically that my brother was my half brother and that my sisters were not my sisters at all. Finding this out was difficult. My dad, step mom, and more importantly my sisters could have walked out of my life and had nothing more to do with me. They chose not to.

I have a “best friend” of nine years. When she and I met we had an instant bond. We told each other everything. I helped her raise her first born, and was in the delivery room with her when she gave birth to her second. She gave her daughter my first name for her middle name. When her husband caught her cheating, she called me asking for advice. We’ve been in a car accident together and would not ride in separate ambulances. So many things this “best friend” and I have been through together, and now, we hardly talk. If I don’t reach out to her there is no communication, and even when I do, its pretty one sided. It kills me that it’s like this, and it’s like this for one reason: the man I choose to date.

In conclusion, I feel that siblings play a more substantial role in ones’ life. Friends come and go, siblings are there forever. Things go bad in life, people move away. Siblings will be there no matter the distance.


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